101 Windows 10 Secret Tips, Tricks and Hacks

Neglecting the negative points, Windows 10 is no doubt an effective mixture of Windows 7 familiarity and Windows 8 functionality. Though it comes with a lot of pre-activated functions still you can trip down or customize certain settings to bring in more magic. Because sticking to and working with an operating system with the same pre-activated features makes it dull and boring. But, knowing secrets about anything makes it better to explore and work with.Just the same way, there are a lot of Windows 10 secret tips, tricks and hacks using which you can easily make your operating system a real superpower.


You can, for example, save your time off doing tricks or hacks or can even streamline your navigation around the system. But only a few users know that how interesting it becomes when you turn your system into a customizable gadget. The figures are down because not everywhere you can find a complete list of those secret tips, tricks, and hacks to make the actual difference. So here in this article, we are going to tell you almost all the Windows 10 secret tips, tricks and hacks with least hassle involved. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Let’s get started.

101 Windows 10 Secret Tips, Tricks and Hacks

1. Night light

Windows 10 allows you to use Night light to save your eyes from the harmful emission of blue light. In addition you can schedule this feature to automatically enable after sunset.

  • Go to Settings => System => Night light settings => Turn on now => Adjust color temperature at night => Schedule.
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2. Opting Custom install instead of Express Install

While setting up Windows 10 on a PC, it is always asked if we desire a Custom install or a default Express installation. The default mode for the same is simple and normal. The custom Installation however, lets you install some additional privacy certificates/settings or modify the existing ones more than what default installation allows.

3. Action center

Only a few know this that Windows 10 includes a new action center. This action center tracks notifications from all over the system. So if you want to keep a detailed note about what is actually taking place in your system simply visit the Action center.

Go to the system tray and click the text bubble icon. The panel will come out from the right-hand side of your screen.

4. Remove Old files once you install Windows 10

Even after upgrading to higher Windows version, the old files continue to exist in the drive. You can simply delete them to free a considerable amount of space for the new files. For doing this, navigate to:

“Control panel => System and Security => Administrative Tools => Disk-clean-Up”

and toggle the box named “Previous Windows Installations” in the list.

That’s it, you have successfully assigned a new spot for the upcoming files.

See the details in – Windows 10 – 3 Ways to Fully Delete Windows.old Folder.

5. Sign Out from User tile menu

The User tile menu holds options like Shutdown and Restart. You can also sign in as another user to the same system using this power menu. Just right click the Start button and then on your name displayed at the top of the Start menu. This will open up a menu with the Sign-out option.

So using this you can easily sign out of Windows 10.

For detail, Follow Sign out, Lock Windows 10 through Start, Power User Menu.

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