101 Windows 10 Secret Tips, Tricks and Hacks

6. Monitor using Task Manager

There is an improved Task Manager present in Windows 10. This manager has a better layout and is a storehouse of useful and digestible information. The stats are represented in the form of graphs which look catchy. So use this Task Manager to monitor those excessive resources on your PC and to end unresponsive programs.


Get at an improved feature from here – How to Track GPU Performance in Windows 10 using Task Manager.

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7. Create a Local Account

If you have not an interest in a synchronized account with OneDrive, you can create an offline account in Windows 10. Go to Start => Accounts and select “Sign in with a different account instead” option. Fill in your Microsoft account details there and hit the sign in button to access the Windows version being a local user.

Guide in this concern – How to Configure OneDrive Files On-Demand in Windows 10.

Thus it can be included in Windows 10 secret tips, tricks and hacks.

8. Contact Support

The Contact Support App lets you detect errors and also resolves issues regarding faulty software installations and updates. To use this, simply go to Start and in the “All apps” menu, you’ll see this support app. The app will have answers to all the relevant questions and queries. You, therefore, can read those threads and fix technical issues on your system yourself.

9. Activate the Fingerprint Sensor to unlock PC

Windows 10 consists of a biometric feature also to ensure that security is maintained at its best. This means that you can easily unlock your Windows 10 computer using face detection or fingerprint identification technology. To do this,

Navigate to Start => Settings => Accounts => Sign in to check these biometric features/options. Change these options as per your requirements.

10. Customize Battery Saver

The battery saver ends all the unnecessary tasks running in the background. This enhances the system’s battery back-up. You can enable it from the Start menu as:

Start => Settings => System => Battery Saver. It automatically pops up once the charge goes down to 20%.

Get the full detail at – How to Optimize Battery Saver Settings in Windows 10 to get Utmost.

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11. Tweak Privacy Settings

Windows 10 also facilitates using general and some app-specific privacy options to enhance system’s accessibility towards shared resources (hardware). Using these options, you can take a measure that which app can access system’s hardware like cameras and microphones. Just go to “Start => Settings => Privacy” and then activate  to change or to grant access to some specific apps to use the system’s privacy options as their own.

See the ways in this guide – [How To] Change App Permissions On Windows 10.

12. Disable Wi-Fi sense in Windows 10

Wi-Fi sense has some security implications which make it not so much useful to stick to. So you can simply disable it permanently to avoid issues. Head to Start => Settings => Network & Internet => Wi-Fi and then Manage Wi-Fi Settings option.

Disable all the options and ask Windows 10 to forget every network you have ever signed to in your lifetime. This will disable the Wi-Fi sense and thus you can start fresh.

13. Make Windows 10 Touch-Friendly

If you have a touch-screen PC, you can enable Windows 10 touch-friendly continuum interface. Through this interface, you can use your PC more like a tablet. So no need to carry the entire weight as the screen is what you want to be with, to do anything.

Just go to Start > Settings > System > Tablet Mode. That’s it.


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