101 Windows 10 Secret Tips, Tricks and Hacks

33. Switch to the Start screen

If you want more items to pin to the Start menu, you can stretch it to fit the entire screen. Navigate to Start => Settings => Personalization => toggle the “use full-screen start when in the desktop” option to stretch it.


Follow the directions from here – How to Shift From Start Menu to Start Screen on Windows 10.

34. Pin settings programs to the Start Menu

To see programs and settings in the Start menu, right click it (the desired file/folder/shortcut) and select “Pin to Start” option from the list.

This will locate the item to the right side of the start menu which will then become easy to access.

Follow the instructions in details from here – How to Pin Settings App Categories to Start in Windows 10.

35. Turn off Tile updates

You can easily turn off updates taking place in the tiles and other distractions anytime. How? Simply,

  • Right-click these tiles (desired)
  • Select “Turn live tile off” option to switch off getting updates.

36. Operating Start using Keyboard

You can switch items in the start menu using the keyboard now. Just press the Windows key to open the menu. Now, use arrow keys to navigate or you can simply search by typing the name in the search box.

37. Choose folders to appear on Start

You can even list your personalized folders in the Start menu in Windows 10.

Simply go to Start menu => Settings app => Personalization and then click on the “Choose which folders appear on Start” option to select the folders.

Also, you can remove them anytime from the Start menu as well.

38. Hide the recently opened apps in Windows 10

To hide recently opened apps:

  • Go to Settings and then Personalization.
  • Click “show recently added apps” option to turn it off afterwards.

This will hide all your recently opened applications from the Start menu.

39 Colored Start

You can easily colorize your Start menu if the default looks boring to you. To select your own color go to:

  • Start => Settings => Personalization => Colors.
  • Now disable the “Automatically pick an accent color from my background” option.
  • At last, pick your own accent color from the palette to customize Start menu in your own way.

Follow specific instructions in detail – How to Choose a Custom Accent Color Using Settings App on Windows 10.

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