101 Windows 10 Secret Tips, Tricks and Hacks

47. Customize Effects

In a resource strapped machine, you can extract more performance out of your Windows 10 version by customizing effects in the same. How?

  • First, navigate to the following path:

Control Panel => System and Security => System.

  •  Then click “Advanced system settings”.

Here you’ll find the entire list of settings under the “Performance” section from where you can easily change effects and bring important changes into effect.

48. The Original Control Panel

The new Control panel is simpler to discover and operate than the previous one for settings. The latter, however, has not completely turned into a scrap and thus you can find it anytime to execute certain advanced options.

  • Press Windows key + X,
  • The “Power-User menu” will prompt a pop-up on your screen where you’ll view the classic settings panel.

You can, however, work with the new control panel if you wish to. There are no restrictions to that.

49. Remove Cortana’s search box

If you feel that Cortana takes a lot of space in the Taskbar, you can reduce its size to free some space. How?

  • Right Click on the unoccupied area of the taskbar and opt for “Cortana”.
  • Select “Hidden” to change it to a pop-up.

You can also retain Cortana as a standard icon by selecting “Show Cortana” option.

You can also take help of this write up – How to Turn off Cortana in Windows 10 PC.

50. Hide the Task view option in case you don’t use Virtual Desktops

If you don’t have interest in virtual desktops or use keyboard to chop and change among them, you can simply hide Task view option.

To do this:

  • Right-click the taskbar and deselect “Show task view button” option to execute the needful.

You can anytime revert this by simply selecting the “Show task view button” option.

Windows 10 Secret tips, tricks and hacks using Cortana

51. Use Cortana to Browse

Cortana can also be used to browse Internet in Windows 10. You can enable this in Microsoft Edge browser as follows:

  • Navigate to Settings => Advanced Settings => Privacy and Services.
  • Enable “Have Cortana Assist Me in Microsoft Edge” choice to activate Cortana support in web browsing things that you want.

This will save the typing time as you can simply command Cortana to execute anything or to search.

You can give an attempt a very interesting and useful guide – How to make Google search from Windows 10 Taskbar.

52. Send Email Using Cortana

You can even use Cortana to send email without using fingers to type or to send. How?

  • Say “Send an email to (Name)” followed by the message.
  • The Cortana will fetch Recipient’s name from the People app and will type the message using the words you speak.
  • If you don’t need any changes, say “Send”.

This will send your emails in no time.

One more cool trick in this concern – How to Send Email Via Sticky Notes in Windows 10.

53. Sharing preferences with Cortana

Tell Cortana your preferences and it will recommend the best thing for you. To enable this,

  • Open Cortana’s Notebook and go to Eat & Drink section.
  • Define your price range and the item you wish to be on your preference list.
  • Also, decide other sections as well.

Cortana would record all this and would recommend you things that you like from time to time.

Follow a guide in respect to this How to Share An App From Start Menu on Windows 10.

54. Natural language of Cortana

You can also use Cortana’s natural language recognition ability to perform complex tasks.

For example, ask Cortana to find documents from August and it will list all the documents that were received or sent in the month of August.

See how super-cool this automated technology can be.

Step by step instructions – How to Enable and Disable Cortana Speech Services on Windows 10.


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