4 Best Ways to take screenshot in Windows 11

Best methods for how to take Screenshot in Windows 11 of full screen or selected portion via “keyboard shortcut”, “Snipping tool”, “snip & sketch”, and “Xbox game bar”.

How to take screenshot in Windows 11

Taking a screenshot is the easiest way to capture specific details on the screen as an image. Whether to snip your memories or to save the pic of any transaction you did, this feature can be useful. Windows 11 facilitates multiple procedures to take screenshots, for example, with Keyboard shortcut, Snipping tool, Screen snip, and Game bar.

Now, thankfully for us, there are several ways to easily take quick screenshots in Windows 11, pretty much like its predecessor. Before you start looking for any third-party apps to save screen snaps, take a look at these simple options.

How to take screenshot in Windows 11

Here are 4 Best Ways to take Screenshot in Windows 11 –

1] Using Keyboard shortcuts

You probably know of this little key on your keyboard. There are multiple combinations of Print Screen that you can use to screenshot for different purposes.

To copy the full screen

  1. Just press – Print Screen key.
How to take screenshot in Windows 11
  1. Go to the file (Word document, Paint, mail, etc) where you’d like to paste it.
  2. Press – Ctrl + V to paste the same.

To save the screenshot as an image

  1. Press Windows + Print Screen key.
save screenshot in Windows 10
  1. Where screenshots are saved in Windows 11 – C:\Users\User-name\OneDrive\Pictures\Screenshots.
  2. For easy access to the folder you can go through – This PC > Pictures > Screenshots.
Folder where screenshots are saved

To copy only a portion of the screen

  1. Open the Application or program or app you want the screenshot.
  2. Press Alt + Print Screen.
alt + print screen keyboard shortcut
  1. Open a Word document or Paint to paste the screenshot.
  2. Save the file.

2] Capture via Snipping tool Windows 11

Snipping tool is more useful when you are trying to capture a customized screenshot such as for a preferred area of particular shapes (rectangular), or other. Since Windows 11 bestows the tool just same as it was in the previous version you can take know the methods from here – Windows 10 – How to Use Snipping Tool – Capture Screenshot.

  1. Click the – Start.
  2. Type – snipping.
  3. Press – Enter or click – Open.
search Snipping tool
  1. Once Snipping tool appears, click – New.
Snipping tool in Windows 11
  1. By default rectangular is selected so, crop a region and that’s all.
  2. The screenshot will automatically open up with a window; modify using different tools showing on the toolbr and save in your desired location.
  3. If you want to change the shape of the snip, click – Mode then choose one from 4 choices which one you need.
  4. Moreover, click the See more 3 dots icon and select – Settings. for more customizations.

3] How to take Screenshot in Windows 11 Through the Game bar

You can use this method to take screenshots of the window.

  1. Press Windows + G to open the Xbox Game Bar
  2. Click on the Camera icon from the top left corner to take a screenshot.
take screenshot in Windows 11 Using the Game bar
  1. Alternatively, press the keyboard shortcut – Windows + Alt + Print Screen.
  2. To see where the image is saved, go to – C:\Users\User-name\Videos\Captures.

4] With Lightshot

When looking to take screenshot in Windows 11 this isn’t a default tool to but you can use it with more intuitiveness. So I am unable to restrain myself to recommend you using Lightshot. The tool allows to capture screenshot with dedicated hotkey, including or exclude mouse cursor, keeping the selected area position and more. Most of all, the app is a lightweight program and occupies only 2.65 MB on disk. The Printscreen key is automatically set when you install the tool so you need to only press it.

  1. First, download Lightshot.
  2. Double click on – setup-lightshot.exe.
  3. When User account control pop up appears, click on – Yes.
how to take screenshot in Windows 11
  1. Select – Language and click OK.
lightshot select language
  1. Check the option – I accept the agreement and click Next.
i accept the agreement lightshot setup
  1. Click – Finish.
take screenshot in Windows 11
  1. Lightshot is installed, now press the prt sc key on your keyboard.
  2. Drag and select the area you’d like to take the screenshot.
  3. Click on Save icon.
  4. Click “Save” on ‘Save as’ window.

Use different tools to customize your screenshot

You can use pen, line, arrow, rectangle marker, text, color tools to shape up your screenshot as per your need. Furthermore, the snapshots can be copied, printed, and uploaded to prnt.sc. This allows you to share a screenshot using a unique URL. When trying to change settings

  1. Go to the System Tray and right-click on the Lightshot.
  2. Select – Options.
system tray lightshot options
  1. On the Options window, check the box for – Capture cursor on a screenshot.
  2. This way the pointer will be captured automatically when taking screenshot.
  3. If you want to keep the selected area position for further use you can enable it by checking its box.
keep the selected area position

Methods list:
1] Using Keyboard shortcuts
2] Capture via Snipping tool
3] Through the Game bar
4] With Lightshot

That’s all!!

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