5 Better ways for easy use of a Keyboard

In this generation of computers, every person is operating a computer and claiming himself to be an expert. Every person is showing skills in games or while surfing net or creating Photoshop or while creating their own customized songs on DJ mixer.
But, when it comes to making a presentation involving a lot of typing, most people fail and their talent is cast away. Not knowing to use a keyboard properly is just like a doctor not knowing to use a stethoscope. So, this act is very important:

1. A keyboard should be known properly:  The keyboard can be most advanced or it has been used for years making it very old, but it might contain some features which we had never known. The guide given along with the keyboard should be carefully read, and the official website of the manufacturer should be visited, and everything about the keyboard should be known so that we become familiar with its function. Knowing its capabilities and limitations can make it easier to use and increases productivity.

2. The keyboard settings should be customized according to our ease:   After getting to know the keyboard properly customizing a few basic settings will let us improve our skills and productivity. For example:

  • The blinking of the cursor can be changed which can cause its better visibility.
  • The speed at which the characters repeat can be changed which would reduce typing errors.

3. Creating shortcuts helps us reduce our time: Even if a person is very talented with the mouse, he should still go for the keyboard shortcuts. These reduce the multiple mouse clicks to a single stroke. Some of the shortcuts which can be used are as follows:

  • F1: Open Help
  • F7: Check the spelling of titles or words in any Office application with the Spelling & Grammar checker
  • Alt+F4
Keys  Quit a program
  • Alt+Tab
 Switch between open programs or windows
  • Ctrl+N
Open a new (blank) document
  • Ctrl+A
Select all content in a document, window, or text box
  • Ctrl+S
Save the current file or document (works in most programs)
  • Ctrl+C
Copy the selection
  • Ctrl+X
Cut the selection
  • Ctrl+V
Paste the selection
  • Ctrl+P
Print a document or web page
  • Ctrl+Z
Undo an action
  • Ctrl+Y
Redo an action
  • Ctrl+F
Find text in a document
  • Ctrl+H
Find and replace text in a document
  • Ctrl+B
Boldface text
  • Ctrl+I
Italicize text
  • Ctrl+U
Underline text
  • Ctrl+G
Go to a page, line, or bookmark in a document

4. Multiple keys should be used appropriately: sticky keys should be used if pressing ctrl+alt+del at the same time is difficult. Using these keys avoids a lot of mouse clicks and saves a lot of time.

5. A comfortable keyboard is the best option: keyboards come in various shapes and sizes, but only those keyboards should be bought which are comfortable and meet our demands. The people with a lot of typing speed and lot of typing should buy keyboards with a feather touch yet very strong and durable.

So, these tips can make a computer experience more pleasing.

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