How to Identify 500 and 1000 Rupees Fake Currency Note / Check

Checking the genuineness of bills or currency is very important because as it is said in money even a single 0 has a huge significance.
Genuineness of a 1000 Rupees note

  • The paper bill or currency has several raised portions like Gandhi’s picture on the left side , the signature of the governor near the bottom centre and the words above it, the three lions along with the Ashoka pillar near the bottom left and the circular seal below and to the right of the picture of Gandhiji.
  • There is a big watermark area on the left side that shows the picture of Gandhiji.
  • There is a vertical thread which is windowed with the inscription ‘bharat’ (in Hindi), ‘1000′ & ‘RBI’.
  • A diamond shaped raised print is present towards the left of the Gandhi watermark and below is the floral shape.
  • The size of a 1000 rupees bill is (177mm x 73mm).
  • On the top right, there are fluorescent serial numbers, and when seen in uv, scattered optical fibres is seen around them.
  • A wide vertical band is present on the right side to Gandhi’s image. The words 1000 written from the bottom to the top can be seen when held high.
  • Another interesting feature is the colour shift. The numbers 1000 in the middle appear green when bill is held flat but appear in blue when held in an angle.
  • Two similar floral shapes are present which are exactly same when held under light.

genuineness of a 500 Rupees note

  • When held against the light as light and shade effect , the water mark of the Ashoka pillar should be clearly visible.
  • The panels containing the serial number glow against the ultraviolet lamp as these are printed in fluorescent ink.
  • On the left hand side, a security thread is present.
  • The following things are printed on the note:
  1. The portrait of mahatma Gandhi
  2. The legend ‘Reserve Bank of India’
  3. ‘500’ on the centre of the note.
  4.   Language panel in which 500 is written in 15 languages
  • Below the portrait of mahatma Gandhi there is a green horizontal belt on which ‘500’ and ‘RBI’ are printed in a latent image form. 500 can be seen when the note is held horizontally, and RBI can be seen when the note is held vertically.
  • The portrait of mahatma Gandhi is present on the left side which can be seen in light and shade effect.
  • A hollow design with a solid on the back is present on the flower on the left hand side of the watermark window above the emblem of Ashoka pillar. The hollow fits into the solid perfectly when the note is seen against light.
  • The crackle sound of every note is unique.

With these points in mind the genuineness of the bills or currency are guaranteed. Each and every point should be carefully noted.

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