5 Simple ways to tweak Windows 8

When the full functionality is offered by any computer system, everyone becomes its proud owner. This article dedicates itself in helping you to know the authentic, sophisticated, and useful ways to tweak in Windows 8. Now the problems on Windows 8 will be solved and you will become much accustomed to its use.

  • Login with a four-digit pin: Various problems arise when a computer system is used by many users and everyone’s data is authentic and needs to be protected. Therefore many accounts have to be created and remembering many different passwords becomes a very difficult task. Now, these passwords can be replaced by the 4-digit pins in windows 8. When a touch screen monitor s used with a desktop, then this becomes even easier. Go to the Control panel and click on users, it is necessitated to create the PIN. After ensuring the on-screen authentication, enter the password and the service becomes enabled.
  • Removal of the visual effects enhances the performance: The trend of visual effects have started from Windows XP and with the advent of Windows 8, they have reached their zenith. So, installing Windows 8 on a computer with low configurations will make it work clumsily. The configurations must match to enhance performance. There are many visual effects in window 8 which might make the performance of the slower. Therefore, you have to configure the properties. In the search button, type “SystemPropertiesPerformance” and press enter. This opens a dialog box where you click on visual effects which shows all the effects which have been activated and deactivated. Configure it and press apply.
  • Make a configuration to allow the Metro UI: Browsing from side to side becomes possible after you configure your desktop to allow for the Metro UI.
  • Login with the Picture: You have to go for “Create a pin” instead of “create a password”. And then you can make login to the Windows 8 with the assistance of a paragraph. This way of logging in is very effective as it quite a fast and easy one.
  • You can ensure fast browsing by configuring Open DNS: Open DNS gives the best of the services it can offer. The web browsing experience becomes enhanced when the pages load really very fast. The work can also be done in a way the easiest possible. The tasks can now be executed in a professionalized manner and the ways become very effective.

These are some ways of tweaking I windows 8 which will enhance your experience of using Windows 8 and take it to the new heights.

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