How to Send free Voicemails from the iPhone

Every mobile phone user is quite accustomed to the Voice calls and the SMS services. But, people are not much familiar with the Voice messages. SMS messages have voice versions which are the Voice Mails. It is a very effective method of sending the messages. When a person needs to send a message to another person, but cannot make an SMS due to some issues or cannot call due to the inappropriate timing, then the messages can be recorded, and can be sent over as an SMS the other person will receive it and can hear it.

These are very effective but people might hesitate to use them as they are quite costly than the normal calls and SMS. But these issues have been solved for all those using an iPhone or an iOS based device. The Voice Over IP technology takes the help of the internet to send voice mail messages in the same way as the free voice calls and the SMS messages can be made with the applications like whatsapp and Viber. These are some of the applications which will help you to send free voice mails over iDevices.


Pinging is a very familiar word to many which often means messaging. The user interface is very familiar, simple and intuitive. This iOS application is available worldwide. After the installation, it easily gets integrated to the mobile platform and then the application becomes very easy to use. It does not require the carrier but requires a running internet connection. Avery good data connection is required which makes the sending of the voice mails really fast. Cross platform application is also available which means that messages can be sent even to such devices which are not the iDevices.

YouMail Visual VoiceMail

It is a very famous iOS application known by the people worldwide for sending voice mails through iDevices without spending a coin. The design is very simple and it has a very easy user interface. Thousands of people worldwide have satisfactorily used this service and the number of users is increasing. A very good feature included in YouMail Visual VoiceMail is that anyone using it can block the voice mails from any user who is very annoying. However it is available for the iOS version 4.3 and higher.


It has many positive reviews and has received positive feedbacks. It has also been featured in many popular publications. The voicemails can be received and sent, but one more feature it offers is that the voice mails can be shared and even stored to the Cloud services.

Though all these apps are free but here might be some of the hidden charges, and there might be some places where these apps would ask you for monthly subscriptions. The free apps have many features unavailable which are usually present in the paid apps. However, it depends upon you for which you want to go, the free ones or the paid ones.

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