Top 3 Emergency apps which every iDevice user must possess

There are many apps which we install every day be it on any platform from Android to iOS to Symbian. There are many apps which we use every day or rather frequently, but there are many which find their use only during special occasions. They help in day to day communicating needs and also during very critical or emergency situations in our life.

There are many iOS apps which have been labeled as the ‘Emergency Use’. These apps generally remain dormant but, they show their full functionality during very critical conditions. During dangerous situations like the earthquakes or the tornadoes, these apps will be a life saver which will help you in communications. This article gives you an insight into such apps.

Life 360 Family Locater: During the disasters, especially the dangerous ones causing mass destructions, our first preference always remains family. We might not be with them especially during hard times. Nothing to get tensed if they are not with you when you have this app installed on your device. This app might be considered the one which breaks the privacy of a person, but it is not actually so. The Life 360 Family Locator is based on the GPS technology which locates all the family members. The GPS technology gives detailed location of the family members on the private maps and also gives the notifications whether they have reached the safe places during disasters. The app’s in-built messaging also helps in communicating with the family members. The features of this app include privacy protection, clever use of the GPS and many others.

iMap Weather Radio: This app rightly defines the saying “Prevention is better than cure”. The above app helps you to come out of the disaster during difficult conditions while this app gives you warning of the potentially dangerous places and the incoming disasters. This app uses the GPS technology to get the complete weather information of the place and inform the user before he enters that place. The news and the videos are also shown which are quite intuitive and help the users to go to a safe place.

Your Plan: Our mind does not work during difficult conditions. Many do not understand what to do in the situations of disasters and panic a lot and lose control which might end up taking their lives. This app is for all those people where you can plan of what to do and what to not during the disasters and application will prompt you when such disaster happens. It can be completely relied upon during critical situations. There are some pre loaded measures which can be referred upon. This app is free of cost and a must have for any iOS user.

These apps can only guide you but cannot completely save you. Relying completely on them might not be a good idea. Only your responsiveness will work in such situations, and these are the ones which should be installed.

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