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AajTak News is a useful app designed for the section of people who enjoy reading daily national and international news in Hindi on Android Phone and devices. All this time when almost every news app has been coming in English version, the idea of launching an app in Hindi is linked to the most widely watched Hindi news channel AajTak Sabse Tez is pretty appreciating and commendable. It is a free app and can be easily downloaded from the play store. It’s like filling the gaps in the area that has probably been neglected for most of the time when it comes to an app displaying Hindi News.

Coming to the interface this app is quite easy to work with since the content is displayed in Hindi it’s a unique feature in itself. Below is a screenshot of the main screen of the AajTak News app.

aaj tak news app for android

How to use AajTak News App

Once you have installed it on your Android device you simply have to launch the icon and you will be directed to the home screen where there are few options available in English under which the content will all be displayed in Hindi. Here,you can see different tabs that can be used to do various things on this app. A brief on each of the different tabs is provided below.

News: This is the main feature of the app where you can get all the news feed from across the world that AajTak News is displaying on its channel. The news is categorically displayed so that you can select the one that you want to look at. Just click on the article and you will be given the feed on it.

Videos: If you want to watch but not listen you can also see the latest videos that have been streamed on the channel. Again the videos are displayed in the order of their sections. There is an option where you can get access to the live feed also. To do so just click on the live TV option and get on with it.

Music: This feature brings you the music items on the shows that are aired on the AajTak channel. So if there are any programs they will be available to you in this section.

Facebook: It is inevitable and irresistible today to keep a breaking news to oneself particularly when it is having a huge impact on the society. So to share the news in Hindi you can use this option to post it on your account and spread it.

 Key Features of this App:

  1. Displays local, national and international news in Hindi.
  2. Entertainment section provided.
  3. Live watch option to see live news.
  4. Sharing option available.
  5. Extra features on More options.

Conclusion: Although the quality of the video is slightly on the lower side, but the display in Hindi makes it useful for the user. For a person having trouble with English this app is a rescue. This is a must try the app for all those who love news in Hindi language.

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