Access All Google Services with Black Menu Extension in Chrome

A helpful add-on namely Google Shortcuts has been introduced for Mozilla Firefox browser. This add-on provides you to get access to all the favorite Google services in Firefox toolbar using a single click. Then you don’t need to navigate the Google’s black bar (called also Google menu) that is present at the top of Google homepage. Google’s black bar is not admired by internet users because users have to load Google home page each time to select any favorite Google service.

Now Google has revealed a similar extension Black Menu for the Chrome browser. This extension contains a wide-range menu of all the popular Google services.

Tips for how to use Black Menu extension on Chrome browser 

  • The installation process of Black Menu Chrome extension is simple. It is available for downloading through the developer’s website or the Chrome Web Store.
  • To install the Black Menu extension, first, launch the below given any link in the Chrome browser. Next, click the Add to Chrome button and the extension will be installed automatically.

 Chrome Web Store

  • Once the extension is installed, it will come into view as a new button on your Chrome toolbar.
  • Clicking on the Black Menu button, it will open the shortcut links of all the Google services.
  • While you click on any Google service’s shortcut link, it will show an instant preview of related service in the left side. For example, if you click on Gmail, you will see a preview of your inbox and it will allow you to work together with your Gmail account.
black menu extension
  • When you click on More option at the bottom, you will see other Google service shortcut links on the left side and the Settings button.


The Black Menu extension in the Chrome browser is considered as one of the best Chrome extensions. It is a better solution for such Chrome users who want to use one button for all the Google services.

Visit Black Menu Extension Developer’s Website

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