How to access blocked sites on a computer

The concept of a proxy server is very simple. There are many websites which cannot be accessed at particular places or they are blocked at those places. This is when those sites can be accessed using a proxy server. Free proxy services are provided by many sites and these helps in opening the restricted sites without any problem. This can be helpful in many restricted places like the schools/colleges and the offices. The list goes on:

Hidemyass: This is a free proxy service to surf the internet anonymously. It even hides the IP address, protects the online identity of the user, hides internet history and secures the connection. It is known that whenever you visit any website, your IP and the web ID of the computer you are connecting through is known to them. This proxy service provides many IP addresses to manage the identity. Shared or public IP addresses can be used to browse the web anonymously.

Proxify: It is anonymous proxy service which helps in surfing the web privately and securely. It does not require the installation of any softwares like other VPN and the proxy services.

Blewpass: the College, workplace or the workplace restrictions can now be overcome using this service. If the favorite sites are blocked then, it is easy to surf through these websites by simply typing that web site in the search bar.

Ninjaclock: it is considered one of the best free web-based proxy service. Even if there is a firewall blocking the ports the websites can be browsed easily using this proxy service.

KProxy: This service has been there since 2005 and considered most popular in the field of security. It gives a very god protection against identity and privacy online. It also gives access to the censored websites. It is very reliable and the fastest free web proxy service.

4freeProxy: It is a free web-based proxy service which is very effective in hiding the IP address and protecting the identity of the user and securing the internet connection. From any government place, school or other places all the blocked websites can be easily accessed.

Webevader: This is a very popular service as it gives the list of the entire proxy services according to various lists. These lists range from the country of the origin, popularity, as well as the most recent proxies submitted.

Unblock it: This is a free service. It is fast and is very effective in providing the online protection. This is free ssl proxy service which hides the IP address and dodges all the restrictions which are imposed by the security administrators. These can be done without changing any settings in the browser.

These are some of the proxy services described. If you know any extra, let us know, we will update this post by adding them.

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