Best Google tools – A Review

It has been years since Google has now existed. Many of its popular services are still working very well, but some of the unpopular ones have been stopped. Still there are many new tools which have been added and many old ones have been modified according to the research made over the years. This article gives a short review of all those tools and their utilities:

Google Search: The oldest and most probably the best. A new addition is the ‘search, plus Your World’. This search requires the user to login to the Google account and run the search which shows all the Google+ photos and the posts shred by the friends. Even you can search for any close friend. Google refines all the results and shows the one which are appropriate for you. You can even search for the people who have common interests. You can increase your vocabulary with the synonyms and the antonyms of the words from the dictionary. You can block the websites which you do not want to explore. You can even find for the IP addresses and rent movies on Youtube.

Picasa: Picasa has and still is the best photo editing software. Many new features have now been added. These features include opening two photos side by side and comparing them which one is better to edit, migrating the image databases where the databases of the images can be moved very easily to the different locations and many effect and filters like the infrared Film, 1960’s, Posterise, Pencil Sketch and Comic Book have been added.

Maps: A new feature has been added wherefore you will be updated about the changes made in the maps in your area. All you need to do is to follow the Your World Dashboard () and add your location. And, when this place gets updated, you receive notifications in your email. Another service presently available for the people of US and UK is that they can come to know the timings of trains and routes to plan the journeys. The 3D services have been added wherefore the maps can now be viewed in 3D and the quality of the maps and the imagery is also getting higher.

Gmail: a dedicated Gmail app is getting released for every mobile platform with a bunch of new features and the official app of the Gmail for iDevices says it all, wherefore you can create a note or a drawing, and attach it to a message. Sending emails have become much easier. An add-on for the Chrome helps accessing Gmail offline as well. Now old passwords can be easily remembered and the accounts can be decorated with HD themes.

Docs: More than 50 useful tools have now been added which makes the presentations more sophisticated and rich. These include a HTML5 rich-text editor, new themes, and support for transitions, animations and simultaneous editing. The PDF’s which can usually be downloaded by default can be stopped from getting downloaded. The size of the text can now be increased for a better viewing.

These are some of the tools reviewed in this article. Further tools will be reviewed in the forthcoming articles.

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