How to Access Personal File, Folder, Application in Windows 8

Windows 8  operating system is different from other Windows. Windows 8 doesn’t have start button/start menu as it is present in all other Windows. The users have become familiar with the start menu button, but it has been removed from the desktop. Still, you can easily access your personal files or view all the files and folders on your computer in Windows 8 with the tips given here.

Step 1

  • Click on ‘Desktop’ tile of the Windows 8  start screen to switch to normal windows desktop.
  • Then on the desktop screen, click on the yellow folder icon of “Windows Explorer” from the bottom left side of the taskbar.
  • All your personal folders get displayed in the Windows Explorer (documents, pictures, music, etc).

Note: As you know in Windows 7, you could access files and folders in other locations on your computer using the links on the left-hand side of this Window.

windows 8 left bottom corner
Windows Explorer to view all files and folders.

use your file explorer to view all files and folders on the PC screen.

Step 1

– On starting the Windows screen, move your mouse cursor down to the bottom left-hand corner.

– You observe a small dialogue box where it shows the last application or file that you have used, leave it for a while.

– A list of options will appear when we right-click with the mouse.

Step 2

– After step 1, Click on ‘File Explorer’ in the list.

– Then the desktop screen appears to the normal windows desktop with the ‘Computer’ window open.

– But in Windows 7, the ‘Computer’ window displays all the contents that it has. It displays all the drives and storage devices which is connected to the computer, allowing users to access all available files and folders.

To access the personal files and folders on your windows, you have to open the ‘Computer’ window then open the drive in which you have saved your file or folder that you have created or to run the application you have to find in the program list where it has been downloaded. Now you can install the program on the computer or add the shortcut for that particular file or folder. It could be the easiest way by adding shortcuts on your desktop or pinning on the taskbar. But, it could fill your desktop with icons.

Here, we share a note with you, Using my computer screen you can add all your personal files / folders or applications on your Windows. Obviously you can find all your drives, CD/DVD drive, or any external drive. Now using Gizmo’s freeware you can add all the personal files/folders on My Computer screen with this note. This note only works for Windows 8 and Windows 7 Systems.

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