10 Useful Free Messaging Apps for Smartphone

The smartphone helps you to complete business and entertainment related tasks using the text messaging method. The text messaging is one of the most used methods for communicating with all over the world. But, the disadvantage of this dependence is high cost of your monthly smartphone internet bill. Then you need to find different cheaper methods of text messaging. It is true fact that your smartphone is almost connected to the Internet continually.

The other side, app developers have presented methods for you to send text messages free of cost with the Internet. It helps you to cut the cost of your smartphone internet bill. This service is done by free messaging apps. If you are searching for a low-cost method to send text messages with your smartphone then free messaging apps are the good options for you.

10 Useful Free Messaging Apps for Smartphone

Benefit of Fee Messaging Apps

  • The most apparent benefit to these free messaging apps is a reality that these apps work over the Internet without any extra charge.
  • These apps are generally free and smartphone user doesn’t need s to pay monthly subscriptions.
  • These apps are comparable to the websites that provide free messaging services.
  • A quality feature of free messaging apps doesn’t send ads or unwanted links to the receiver.
free sms messaging apps for smartphone

Here, I have chosen some free messaging apps that help you to reduce you and your friend’s monthly bill.

1. Kakao Talk

Kakao is a popular Android free messenger app that contains about 800,000 positive reviews. It is present for other mobile platforms also like iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone. It keeps several handy features that make it user-friendly. Like to Viber, Kakao app provides users the option to start free calls to other Kakao users and even send group calls.

Download kakao app 

2. Pinger

Pinger app offers free texting, picture messaging and calling services for Android and iPhone.  Pinger allows you to send text and make call to other pinger users in over 200 countries free of cost.

Download Pinger app

3. Hike

Hike is a new free messenger app for smartphone. It facilitates you to send messages free of cost to your mates and family at any places on the Globe. Using the hike app, you can also send message to other hike account users anytime. Hike app works on 2G, 3G or WiFi connections effectively.

Download Hike app


Kik is a dashing, easy to use and believable smartphone messenger app for free. About 50 million users have used Kik app so far.  It helps you to connect with everyone with whom you like to talk. One of the best features of Kik app is you are not bounded use ­ your phone number ­as your Kik username.  So, you can protect your privacy. Besides, Kik app also connects with other social apps simply such as Instagram, SocialCam, and Viddy.

Download Kik app


TextPlus is a top smartphone messages service. It facilitates you to send messages for free.  TextPlus app enhances your phone experience with over 110 million users anywhere.

Download TextPlus app


Jaxtr SMS is the world’s highest rising messaging network in present time.

Features of JaxtrSMS

  • Start free message service between the Jaxtr to Jaxtr user on whichever mobile platforms.
  • Pay cheap rates to send SMS or text to all over the world.
  • JaxtrSMS app sync to your phone address book for the purpose of sending messages to anyone if they have JaxtrSMS app or not.
  • JaxtrSMS works with WiFi and 3G network simply.

Download JaxtrSMS app

Now you can also use another free smartphone messaging apps written below. I can guarantee that you will not be disappointed after checking out the following free messaging app.






Sending free SMS messages to your friends or someone by smartphone is absolutely simple and fun. You can say thanks to your smartphone that are connected to the Internet for all time. Also, most free messaging apps are cross-platform, which means that you can use it on any smartphone operating system like BlackBerry, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone.

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