How to Add Certain File Type To Index in Windows 10

Windows 10 employs the index to perform very fast searches on your computer. It happens sometimes that there is an unusual file on your system that’s not being recognized by the index. This leads to distraction and you have to specify the app (which can run the file) each and every time you want to open that file. There is a way out there using which you can add any format to the index so that you can easily search for a file in windows just by its file type. Let’s see how to add certain file type to index in Windows 10.


How to Add Certain File Type To Index in Windows 10


  • Click on the Cortana search and type here indexing options. This will fetch the same adjacent to its icon at the uppermost part under which control panel is written. Hit on Indexing Options.

search indexing options in cortana

  • In the indexing options wizard, go straight to the Advanced button and press it. If you are prompted for an administrator password, type the password and go for confirmation. A screenshot is just shown below.

How to Add Certain File Type To Index in Windows 10

  • In the advanced window, keypunch File Types tab at first. Note that, there are two choices present comprising How should this file be indexed just below. You are allowed to choose any one of the two available choices. In one case, only Index properties will be added, however, in the other case index properties and file contents both will be added.

add button on file type tab in advanced options window in index
Just go for the Index Properties here and then go to the Add new extension to list. Here, write down the file format in the space provided and then press Add. This will add this file format among all other file extensions which are present already there in your computer.

That’s it. If you have any other query related to Windows 10, ask us in the comment box below.


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