How to Fix Login Screen Prompts Very Often in Windows 10

In this article, we will talk about to Fix Login Screen Prompts Very Often in Windows 10. A few days back when I left my PC for a short span of time and again came back I saw login screen was showing. Initially, I overlooked the issue, but after a few days, it irritated me as every time I needed to enter the password. So I started looking for the fix. I checked the Power Options. Nothing mess was found here and it was well configured. Then I went to Power and Sleep in setting app but here all was well also. I got confused what could I have to do to fix the issue. Finally, I recalled in my mind that I had made a change in the Screen Saver settings earlier which was the culprit in this problem.

See How to Fix Login Screen Prompts Very Often in Windows 10 if you meet the resembling issue on yours.

How to Fix Login Screen Prompts Very Often in Windows 10

  • Click Settings mark on the Start Menu to spread up Settings app on your screen.
Windows 10 Start Menu exhibits Settings symbol
  • Come on upon through hitting (tapping) Personalization box on the Settings window.
Windows 10 Settings window displays Personalization category
  • From the left fringe of the segments, choose Lock Screen.
Lock screen segment under Personalization category of Windows 10
  • Take your attention to the right bottom section where you could see a couple of links, click Screen saver settings.
Screen saver settings link under the right fringe of Lock Screen segment in Windows 10
  • On this action, the separate window of Screen saver emerges where you could see a check box that says On resume, display logon screen. And beside it, you could notice the time span of the appearance of the logon screen.
Clear Off On resume display logon screen checkbox in Screen saver settings to Fix Login Screen Prompts Very Often in Windows 10 Windows 10
  • Just remove the tick mark from this checkbox by clicking once and make sure to tap Apply pursuing by Ok buttons to apply the changes.

I like to clear what happened in my case. I set a Screen saver and set the time Wait 1 minute as well as checked the box before On resume display logon screen. Later I removed the screen saver but mistakenly forgot to clear the checkbox.

Most of the users are unaware of this option as they believe screen saver is not set in their machine. This is a simple fix that hardly takes few minutes to implement. Try this out and your Lock Screen will stop prompting after leaving your system idle for a few minutes.