Ajax – A Quick Review

The expanded form of AJAX being Asynchronous JavaScript, and XML, is a great technology in which the web pages without completely reloading can update dynamically, and action performing. An Ajax site has more advantages over a non-Ajax site as it is more interactive and responsive. The presence of Ajax makes the process of page loading less disruptive. The given example will prove it. In the absence of Ajax, the Google maps will have to be clicked on the right or left side to be scrolled which might take time to load. But in the presence of it, the pages just need to be dragged which take a minimum time.

Working of Ajax: The description of Ajax working is simple. The programmer of the web makes a connection of the link, or any type of the user interface element or a button to a JavaScript program. During the activation of the interface by the user such as the link clicks, mouse drags and others, a request for the data to the URL on the web server is sent by the JavaScript program. The program on the web server after it makes the processing of the request gives the response or the data is sent. An asynchronous notification is received by the JavaScript program on receiving the response, thus displaying the result properly. Ajax is supported by the visual browsers on keeping the JavaScript on.

WordPress Ajax: Because of an awesome response, Ajax is being used in all the websites,the WordPress being an inclusion. But the use of Ajax in WordPress for now is limited to the administration screens such as instant updates, addition or the deletion of the lists, function of Auto-save and others.

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