Ayra – Tweak to Access iPhone Lock Screen with Toggles and Notifications

Arya, a Cydia product, will brings notification center to iPhone lock screen. It is completely different from iOS 7. After swiping down the screen the similarities with predecessors come to an end. Arya has certain features which displays the notifications as such in Android phones. The SB settings helps Arya to do such. Each and every notification can be handled carefully with Arya in regards to launch any app or to dismiss something. Other than these epic features, Arya also has attractive interface and iOS 7 like apparent screen.

Once the tweak is installed in the iPhone, various changes are made in the lock screen involuntarily. Various changes can also be done from the stock setting app (the arya app adds the menu).

System toggles has been introduced instead of widgets within the genuine Arya. These features are located on top of the screen houses. Along the list Arya has introduced almost 16 toggles accessible by the tweak. All the toggles can be easily accessed by simply swiping down the list. From the settings app the order and the numbering the toggles can easily be changed. There are also certain toggles available in the list which can disable the Arya overall but it requires certain respiring to make that effect.

Options like “remove” and “launch” are presented to signify the Notifications according to our need. The default lock screen is also available. By merely striking the home button the Arya notification center can be dismissed.

Arya is available in Cydia store in BigBoss repo unit. It merely costs $1.99.

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