Baby Dream House Windows 8 / 10 App – Have a lot more Fun For Kids

Baby Dream House is a Windows 8 game app for your kids.  On the homepage of this app, you will find 4 babies. All you have to do is to choose a baby and take care of him in dream house. Dream house comprises 9 stunning rooms washroom, dining room, laundry room, kitchen, swimming pool, garden etc. Your kid certainly have lot more fun while play Baby Dream House – Care, Play, and Party at Home! game.

There are in total 9 games to play outside or inside the house. You can customize your selected kid as the app provides all the materials for dressing up. You need to take care of anyone of the babies to do the daily house errands. You will have fun with your kid in the lawns of the house and excitement in making a dish for your kid in the kitchen, cleaning the living room, washing clothes in the laundry room, putting your child into sleep, etc.

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Baby Dream House Windows 8 App - Have a lot more Fun For Kids

How to use Baby Dream House Windows 8 App

  • Install the app from the link provided below this article or own it from the games category of the Windows Store.
  • Four adorable kids will come up.
  • Choose your opted child. As you choose a kid, you will be taken to the dream house.
  • The Home Page will exhibit a dream house.
Baby Dream House Windows 8 App - Have a lot more Fun For Kids
  • You can see many rooms and a lawn outside the house.
  • Click on any of the room to start your work.
  • A finger pointer will guide you in doing the tasks.
Baby Dream House Windows 8 App - Have a lot more Fun For Kids

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How to care for babies during playing Baby Dream House Game

The main and the important thing to note is that you will always be directed by a finger pointer in all the caring tasks. The pointer will show you which things to pick up and where to use them. Different rooms have different chores to go on. And so there are different modes of accomplishing your task. Let’s see how you will do them –

  • Hold and drag the things to use them in the restroom and swimming pool.
  • Click tools to clean the living room.
  • Tap and drag the eatables in the kitchen.
  • Click and drag to water the plants.
  • Tap on the toys to play with them in the bathroom or in the swimming pool.
Baby Dream House Windows 8 App - Have a lot more Fun For Kids
  • Click on the fresh clothes and other fashionable things to dress up your child.
Baby Dream House Windows 8 App - Have a lot more Fun For Kids
  • Tap on the story books and go to bed!
Baby Dream House Windows 8 App - Have a lot more Fun For Kids

Baby Dream House Windows 8 App Design

Interface of this app is very attractive smooth and polished. Cute kids, dream house, dazzling rooms, beautiful gardens are icing on the cake. Beautiful interiors of the house are designed very skillfully. The little tools for cleaning the house, the materials for the artwork, greenery outside the house, utensils and raw materials for cooking, etc are the things that will create interest in you to do more house errands. The app produces clear background music and fabulous animation.

Baby Dream House App Features

  1. The app is free of cost.
  2. Four darling kids to choose from.
  3. Customization of the selected kid.
  4. 9 fun-filled games and house errands.
  5. Great animation.
  6. Sweet background music.


Baby Dream House really looks like a dream house to me. I had always dreamed of such a beautiful house with great interiors and exteriors. It is really a fun-loving app to use. You will enjoy all the little works of the house and especially the one which is associated with the kids. The innocent laugh of the kid is the most beautiful feature of the app. Download this app and enjoy the dreamland world.

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