Best 7 Software to Watch TV Online for Free

The television set is a primary source of entertainment among most people. After adapting to the latest digital technology, the value of television has become more common than a computer. Nowadays Many people use computer or laptop as TV using high-speed internet. Due to time-limitation, users like to watch their favorite TV episodes or sports on their computer by streaming channels online.  In this article, I am going to explain 7 best online TV watching software where you can watch TV for free.

Best 7 Software to Watch TV Online for Free

 1. JLC Internet TV

The JLC Internet TV software provides a huge database for presenting TV channels. It offers a simple interface to use without any troubles. There are simple options found in the channel lists so that you may select TV channels at the level of user rating, content, type and country. Besides, you can add a list of your favorite channels. The best feature of JLC Internet TV software is to download any type of software update automatically.

jlc tv software

Download  JLC Internet TV

2. Digeus Online TV Player 

The Online TV Player software provides you to stream over 1500 radio stations and 850+ television channels. This online TV watching software doesn’t show any type of advertisements during channel loading. The channels are loaded quicker than other online TV watching software.

Download Digeus Online TV Player


 3. TVPC Elite

TVPC Elite is free TV watching online software that contains 2000 TV channels worldwide. Using this TV watching software, you can watch your TV channels in several languages for example- French Spanish, Italian and others. You can also watch many sports channels, Kids programs, World News, Music channels and latest released international movies.

Download  TVPC Elite

4. Free Live TV Software

The Free Live TV Software is also the best choice to access online TV channels from anywhere in the world. Presently this software feeds the channels of 88 countries. To start the Free Live Software with the purpose to watch the favorite TV channels on your computer, you need to only download the software and install.

Download Free Live TV Software

5. Any TV

Any TV is also the best online TV watching Software. It offers several groups of TV channels. To watch Live TV channel on your computer, you need to choose a channel from the on-screen channel lists and browse the channel programs.

Download Any TV

6. Live Station

Live Station is a popular TV watching site. It has been developed with the support of the Microsoft development team. This TV watching Software brings all TV shows and radio channels around the world on a single platform. One of the best features of Live Station software is to telecast all channel programs live. The apps are also available for all the Smartphone OS.

Visit to www. live

7. Truveo

Truveo watching software has been developed and controlled by AOL (American Online Limited) search engine. It is a video search engine that lets you watch related video categories like comedy, tragedy, sports and music, TV Shows.

 Download Truveo Video Manager


Above all the TV watching Software and sites are helpful instead of a TV set. At this time, you need to arrange the latest desktop or laptop and broadband internet connection to watch TV programs using the above software or sites. You do not need any TV tuner card or you do not have to download additional setup.

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