How to Compress files or folder to RAR file

Today most of the downloaded files ( MP3, Videos, Software, documents) or received email message attachment files are found in RAR format. So, we should have ideas about opening it simply. This is why in the coming part of this article, we will show How to Compress files or folder to RAR file.

RAR format is known as compressed archives and used in a folder. Archive refers that the folder may have kept several files. Compressed means the mathematical method used to decrease the space of folders so that the size of the archive may be smaller than actual folder size.

In short, RAR format works in compression method. it is used to store single file or collection of files in the same folders. For example, you have to send mass numbers of your favorites images, MP3, Videos, Document to your colleague through email then how is it possible?

At this time, Use of  WinRAR Software to compress folders that contain stored images or documents is the best option. It will reduce folder sizes  (suppose actual size 20 MB, after compressing it shows as  15 MB) and easy to attach in an email.

How to Compress files or folder to RAR file

At first, you have to download WinRAR Software from the internet and install in your computer.

Download link of Win RAR Software


WinRAR Software Usage

To Compress files or folder to RAR file

  • We go to local drives where our favorite images or files are saved already and whom we want to compress for sending emails.
  • Right Click on desired folder and select option – Add to archive.

Compress files or folder to RAR file

  •  Now we open Archive name and parameters window and select OK button.


  • Now the process of creating archive files will complete in few minutes (it depends on folder size).


  1. Here we find archive files with RAR extension and can check file size.


How to Open RAR Files in computers

If we want to open RAR extension Files in our computer, we should Download it at first.


Extract files or folder from RAR file

  • At first, we Locate drive where RAR files are already available. Right-click on the file and click Extract Files.

Note: – We can also extract these files in a particular folder or drive in the local drive by clicking on Extract File and select the folder or local drives.


  1. Now we open Extraction Path and Options window and click OK.


After few moments of extracting process RAR files on our computer, it will show in an original simple folder with the same folder name.

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