How to use Photo editor app in Android to Make your Pic Amazing

These days Android has become a very important part of our life. This is why Android keeps on bringing new and exciting features that people like. These features are so useful and handy that we are now doing many things which originally can be done on computers. In these features one is photo editing. For this an App Photo Editor is developed by Android. It is a free app developed by Aviary.

Photo Editor is a photo editing app for android with amazing and astonishing interface using which you can change a lot of things in a picture like its quality, brightness, contrast, pixels and many more and that too in a single tap. It is a very nice app which consumes a very little amount of resources and is lightweight . The interface of this app is very neat and clean. There has been a lot of efforts being done in the development of this app. You will feel a lot of new and exciting things inside this app.

                                                       Photo editor Android

How to edit pictures using this editor

As soon as you open up this app in your Android mobile, the above shown screenshot will come on your screen. Now as you open the app you will be asked to select an image already stored in your computer for editing. Here on the main screen you have three options as you open up a pic. They are mentioned below:

  1. Camera: Using this, you could capture a new pic.
  2. Edit: Using this, you will start editing the picture right now.
  3. Gallery: If you feel that you have chosen the wrong one, you can go back to your gallery and can select another pic and then started editing it.

The above mentioned option are shown below:

Aviary Photo Editor Android

Now, once you are done with the selecting photo and as soon as click on the Edit this photo option, a new interface would be opened. A screenshot of shown below.

Photo Editor Aviary Android

Once you open the edit box of aviary, you have many options on how to edit the pictures. Some of them with their work are described below:

  • Enhance: used to increase the quality of the pic.
  • Effects: used to add different effects on a pic. It is similar like the effects which we have on photo editing app in desktop or laptop.
  • Frames: You might be familiar with this as it comes even in simple mobiles, however the things here are a little advanced. Basically used to frame a picture.
  • Crop: Used to crop a pic from its actual size to the necessary size which are appropriate for us.

There are other options too but, they are very easy to learn. Just play with them and you will have mastered over this app. Using this app, you can make any pic look more beautiful and amazing using its different options. There is one problem with this app and i.e. the size of this app is big.

How to get this app

You can download this free app by clicking Photo Editor App for Android.

This app is really amazing and user-friendly.

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