Best Tip for sharing link on Facebook page

Many of us have dedicated Facebook pages which have hundreds and thousands of fans. But, when you generally post a link on this page, it does not get the expected attention.

There are two reasons for that. First, a link shared on a page appears too unattractive to make people click on it. Also, when you post a link on your FB page, it may not necessarily end up in their news feed. Facebook does not have a specific method that ensures that such links are posted on people’s news feed. But there’s a short tip that has the capability to highlight your link.

The tip is to not post links as links, but instead, associate with them an attractive and meaningful photo which is large in size.

People who have used this tip have reported that the viewership of their respective post has jumped significantly. You can attach the link to the short description you give about the photo. Also, make sure that the URL is short so that the photo description and the URL are managed together when they appear in anyone’s news feed.

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