Best tools for Kindle users – calibre, Feeder, Readlist, myclipping

Amazon’s amazing tablet ‘Kindle’ has a special fan following of it’s own and occupies a fair share of the tablet market. If you happen to own a kindle then there are some very excellent tools that may enrich your experience of using this tablet and make it a lot more useful than it already is. Some unique ‘Kindle’ tools that you may give a try are –

(i) Send Web Articles to Kindle

Kindle tablet is specially made to read text in a right setting for the user. Thus, you may make the most of this feature by reading textual web content on your Kindle. A particular add-on known as Readability, available on the web, allows web articles to be wirelessly sent to your Kindle. The add-on supports Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Thus, if you install this add-on on any of these browsers on your computer then on a click of a button, your favourite web article or blog is transferred to your Kindle tab.

(ii) Read Office Document Offline on your Kindle

A particular feature is provided by Amazon to the Kindle users that allows them to read office documents on their Kindle tab offline. These documents can be anything from Word documents,images, text files to Adobe PDFs or HTML pages.

Just go to the option Manage Kindle in your tablet and hit Personal Documents Settings. Here, you will find an e-mail address that Amazon has allotted to your device (each Kindle user has a special e-mail address given by Amazon). If you use this mail address to receive all your important office documents, then these are automatically transmitted to your Kindle device for offline reading.

(iii) Save Kindle Notes and Highlights

While reading a text on your Kindle, you may have highlighted a particular line or a paragraph which you feel is important. These highlights and annotations can be accessed online on the website, where they are saved. If you want someone else to read these annotations then you may make use of a feature called the clippings converter.

The annotations that you make are originally saved as a text file called the myclippings.txt on your Kindle. Using clippings converter, you can save these, .txt files on Evernote or convert and mail them as PDFs.

(iv) Google Books on Kindle

Google books are available in the EPUB format. The Kindle, however does not support EPUB format. Using a tool called Calibre, you can convert EPUB format to MOBI format,which is supported by Kindle. Then you can transfer the Google books to your Kindle and read them.

(v) Read a Wiki Article on Kindle

A Wiki article can be read on Kindle. What you may do is, compile the wiki article into a PDF e-book and mail it to your unique Kindle mail id.Amazon will convert the PDF format to AZW, so that you may read it on your device.

(vi) Get RSS Feed on Kindle

Using a web based tool as the, you will be able to subscribe up to 12 RSS feeds and then this tool delivers these feeds directly to your Kindle tab, in an e-book format. All you need to do is subscribe the tool and then you will get automatic feed deliveries.

(vii) Get Free Books on Kindle

Reserved specially for Kindle users, website has a list of best selling books that are free on Amazon’s Kindle store. You may download these free books to your device.

(viii) Return Purchased Books to Amazon

Amazon allows it’s customers to avail the return option if they are willing to return a book to Amazon and get refund. To return a book and get refund, visit the Manage Kindle page and hit the Actions Tab for the book you intend to return. Then select’ Return to Refund’.

(ix) Make a Kindle E-Book From Web Articles

Using a particular browser add-on as the Readlists, you can easily group your favourite web articles as an e-book and send them to your Kindle device. Just provide the appropriate URLs to Readlists and then it will compile them as an e-book and send them to your Kindle.

(x) Send to Kindle, Your favourite Tweets/Status

Both Twitter and Facebook allow it’s members to share your tweets or a status they liked, on their wall. You can go a step further and add a Send to Kindle option to your tweets or statuses which enables your friends to send them to their personal Kindle devices.

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