BING Search Engine Pros Cons – A Review

The Microsoft owned Search Engine Bing is gaining popularity nowadays and is also becoming one of the best search providers. Let us see at some of the striking features of Bing:

  • All at One Place: Bing helps people in more ways than they can think of. We can even plan an entire holiday on it. With Bing Travel, we can choose the flight tickets and the hotel rooms with the various price predictors. This feature is strikingly amazing as it gives complete information about the price rise and fall within the coming time according to the conditions so that the budgets can be planned. The Visual Search is a place to find variety of gadgets and purchase them. The Bing can also be used to check the traffic conditions, find restaurants and purchase tickets for the programs. The best feature is that the results are in a very organized way according to the preferences. The results are shown in the preview view.
  • Jumpstart the searches: On the top of the picture of the day there are various options such as web, image, videos, news, maps and others clicking whom will give a direct access to these features, or the Bing search box can also be used in typing the query or search term. This feature is very powerful as a single search term gives a variety of options to choose from. If the spellings are also typed wrong Bing understands it and starts processing with the correct query.
  • Picture of the Day:  This is the feature of Bing which inspires everyone to make it their Homepage. The images provided by them every day in the home page are just awesome and even the sad ones would fill their hearts with happiness just by having a view of it. They even provide amazing facts about the pictures. The request for the images has made Bing to add a personalized gallery. In Windows 7, click on personalize and in the box, click on Get more themes. There are varieties of themes which can be downloaded and personalized.
  • Previewing the page:Another striking feature is that there is no need to open each and every page on the search term to view it. Simply placing the cursor on the search term is shows a pop up window which shows the few paragraphs of the page. Thus, the user can decide whether the page is useful or not. This makes the surfing easier.
  • Search pane:On the right hand side of the search page more suggestions regarding the queries are shown. These are very helpful and make the browsing much easier.
  • The results shown: After using Bing for quite a few time it understands the user’s preferences arranges the results of the search terms according to the preferences. The searches are very organized and are separated. For example searching a health condition and a hospital location will show different results. The links are also provided to relevant topics.

Thus, after reading this article, everyone must once use Bing as their Homepage.

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