How to get free SSL Certificate for the Facebook fanpage apps

Long time ago, the Secured Socket Layer also called the SSL encrypted connection was launched by Facebook. Those were the times when fan pages were run by the use of FBML for the applications of the fan pages and the interactive tabs. The apps were hosted by the Facebook server itself, so secured connections were just a waste of time. But with the shifting of the Facebook from FBML to the iFrame Apps in the mid of march 2011 has provided much more functionality to the developers. The iFrame contents have to be hosted on the own servers of the developers. These led to a problem for many developers to buy the expensive SSL certificates which required renewal after a certain interval of time. This created a problem when the iFrame apps without the SSL certificates were visited by the https users. This act led to a warning to disable the http connections for sometime scaring away many users and the loss of the developers. The SSL certificates for the iFrame apps were made compulsory since 1st October 2011. So, this post would step by step teach you to get free SSL certificates for the fan pages.
Steps to get Free SSL certificates for the Facebook fan page apps

Step 1:  A login should be to the Facebook account.

Step 2:  The Facebook Developers Page should be opened.

Step 3:  Then, the application tab should be opened. A click should be made on Create a free Account. Various details must then be filled correctly andRegister tab should be clicked.

Step 4:  login should be made on fan page and that email and password should be used which was used during the registration.

Step 5:  Then, Facebook developers app page should be switched to and  that application should be opened of whose Secure Tab URL is required.

Step 6:  Then, the canvas URL or the Page Tab URL should be copied and the copied URL should be pasted to the social server page’s field.

Step 7:  Press enter.

Step 8:  This will lead to generation of the new link to the same Tab URL or the Canvas along with a https protocol. This link should be copied.

Step 9:  This copied link must be pasted on Secure Canvas URL or Secure Page Tab URL and settings must be saved. Job is done.

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