Blue Screen of Death Windows 10 Error Codes List [BSOD]

Compilation of entire BSOD or Blue Screen of Death Windows 10 Error Codes with explanation and in a list.

Blue Screen of Death Windows 10 Error Codes
 S.NOName ExplanationCode
1APC_INDEX_MISMATCHThis BSOD appears on exit from a system call and it is an outcome of internal error in kernel.0x00000001
2DEVICE_QUEUE_NOT_BUSYThis is an uncommon Blue screen error harmful to devices.0x00000002
3INVALID_AFFINITY_SETRare bugcheck and doesn’t appear commonly.0x00000003
4INVALID_DATA_ACCESS_TRAPAgain an occasionally occurring error that indicates an incorrect data access trap.0x00000004
5INVALID_PROCESS_ATTACH_ATTEMPTThis BSOD commonly appears when a driver requests the KeAttachProcess function and the thread is attached to a different process.0x00000005
6INVALID_PROCESS_DETACH_ATTEMPTThe BSOD appears after calling KeStackAttachProcess routine and afterward KeUnstackDetachProcess. The process is necessary for the driver’s implementation of callback function PLOAD_IMAGE_NOTIFY_ROUTINE.0x00000006
7INVALID_SOFTWARE_INTERRUPTInfrequent occurring bugcheck.0x00000007
8IRQL_NOT_DISPATCH_LEVELRare Blue Screen0x00000008
10IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUALError message implies Windows or a kernel-mode driver accessed paged memory at an invalid address while at an IRQL.0x0000000A
12MAXIMUM_WAIT_OBJECTS_EXCEEDEDThis BSOD is the consequent of improper use of FsRtlCancellableWaitForMultipleObjects or KeWaitForMultipleObjects.0x0000000C
14NO_USER_MODE_CONTEXTAppears when a control returns from the initial thread procedure during starting a system thread0x0000000E
15SPIN_LOCK_ALREADY_OWNEDResult of a recursive request for a spin lock or comparable function.0x0000000F
16SPIN_LOCK_NOT_OWNEDOccurs occasionally0x00000010
18TRAP_CAUSE_UNKNOWNUnknown exception0x00000012
19EMPTY_THREAD_REAPER_LISTSporadically occurs0x00000013
20CREATE_DELETE_LOCK_NOT_LOCKEDRare bugcheck0x00000014
24REFERENCE_BY_POINTERConsequences of reference count of an object which is illegal for the present state of the object.0x00000018
25BAD_POOL_HEADERCorrupt pool header at the time of current request generates this issue.0x00000019
26MEMORY_MANAGEMENTDifferent flaws in memory management cause this BSOD.0x0000001A
27PFN_SHARE_COUNTDoesn’t occur in Windows 10 currently0x0000001B
28PFN_REFERENCE_COUNTAppears very infrequently.0x0000001C
30KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLEDFaulty Services or driver causes a kernel mode program to create an exception. Error handler fails to catch this exception.0x0000001E
31SHARED_RESOURCE_CONV_ERRORRare Blue Screen Error0x0000001F
32KERNEL_APC_PENDING_DURING_EXITBSoD occurs when an asynchronous procedure call was remaining in pending state when a thread exited.0x00000020
33QUOTA_UNDERFLOWThis Stop error appears after quota charges are mishandled by returning more quota. This occurs to a particular block that was previously charged.0x00000021
34FILE_SYSTEMInfrequent bugcheck0x00000022
35FAT_FILE_SYSTEMBSoD happens because of corruption in FAT file system mostly due to Bad sectors or blocks in disk.0x00000023
36NTFS_FILE_SYSTEMDriver file ntfs.sys messes that allow the system to write and read to NTFS drives generate this flaw.0x00000024
37NPFS_FILE_SYSTEMIssues in NPFM File System lead to this Blue Screen.0x00000025
38CDFS_FILE_SYSTEMCorruption in CDFS File System causes this stop error mostly because of Bad sector in disk.0x00000026
39RDR_FILE_SYSTEMDepletion of nonpaged pool memory leads to issues in SMB redirector file system that finally results in this error.0x00000027
40CORRUPT_ACCESS_TOKENSeldom occurring bugcheck0x00000028
42INCONSISTENT_IRPInconsistent  I/O request packets are the main reason behind this issue.0x0000002A
43PANIC_STACK_SWITCHkernel-mode driver using more stack space is the prime cause of this stop code.0x0000002B
44PORT_DRIVER_INTERNALRare stop error0x0000002C
46DATA_BUS_ERRORMainly occurs because of memory issues or configuration.0x0000002E
47INSTRUCTION_BUS_ERRORRare Stop code0x0000002F
48SET_OF_INVALID_CONTEXTStack pointer in a trap frame having an invalid value leads to this problem0x00000030
49PHASE0_INITIALIZATION_FAILEDIn this situation, System initialization fails at a very early stage.0x00000031
52CACHE_MANAGERDepletion of nonpaged pool memory causes issues with file system’s cache manager that ends up with this error.0x00000034
53NO_MORE_IRP_STACK_LOCATIONSThis BSOD appears due to IoCallDriver packet that has no more stack locations remnant in the packet.0x00000035
54DEVICE_REFERENCE_COUNT_NOT_ZERODriver tried to remove a device object still the reference count didn’t become 0.0x00000036
55FLOPPY_INTERNAL_ERRORInfrequent error0x00000037
57SYSTEM_EXIT_OWNED_MUTEXThe worker routine returned back without freeing the mutex object that it owned.0x00000039
58SYSTEM_UNWIND_PREVIOUS_USERSeldom occurring error0x0000003A
59SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTIONAppears when executing code has an exception and thread system thread is under this value.0x0000003B
60INTERRUPT_UNWIND_ATTEMPTEDRare stop code0x0000003C
62MULTIPROCESSOR_CONFIGURATION_NOT_SUPPORTEDSystem contains more than one processor, but they are not symmetric to each other.0x0000003E
63NO_MORE_SYSTEM_PTESPage table entries in fragmented state have been generated because of too many I/O actions.0x0000003F
64TARGET_MDL_TOO_SMALLtarget MDL too large to map the whole range of addresses requested by a driver.0x00000040
65MUST_SUCCEED_POOL_EMPTYThis Blue Screen appears because must-succeed pool couldn’t fulfill the requests of Kernel-mode thread.0x00000041
66ATDISK_DRIVER_INTERNALInfrequent issue0x00000042
68MULTIPLE_IRP_COMPLETE_REQUESTSDriver has tried to request an I/O request packet be completed that is already complete.0x00000044
69INSUFFICIENT_SYSTEM_MAP_REGSRare problem0x00000045
72CANCEL_STATE_IN_COMPLETED_IRP BSoD occurs because an IRP was completed, and then was hereinafter canceled.0x00000048
73PAGE_FAULT_WITH_INTERRUPTS_OFFexceptional issue0x00000049
74IRQL_GT_ZERO_AT_SYSTEM_SERVICEStop code appears because of the Thread that is returning back from a system call to user mode whereas its IRQL is higher than PASSIVE_LEVEL.0x0000004A
75STREAMS_INTERNAL_ERRORInfrequent Blue Screen0x0000004B
77NO_PAGES_AVAILABLEThe error occurs when free pages are unavailable to continue operations.0x0000004D
78PFN_LIST_CORRUPTShows up when page frame number list becomes corrupted.0x0000004E
79NDIS_INTERNAL_ERRORRare problem0x0000004F
80PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREAOccurs when system references invalid memory.0x00000050
81REGISTRY_ERRORIndicates that registry is damaged and malfunctioning.0x00000051
82MAILSLOT_FILE_SYSTEMInfrequent problem0x00000052
88FTDISK_INTERNAL_ERRORError appears after system is booted from the incorrect copy of a mirrored partition.0x00000058
89PINBALL_FILE_SYSTEMnonpaged pool memory, when got depleted may lead to a Pinball file system.0x00000059
90CRITICAL_SERVICE_FAILEDInfrequent error0x0000005A
92HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILEDFailed HAL initialization leads to throwing BSOD issue0x0000005C
93UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSORWhen machine tries to run run an unsupported processor this Blue screen appears.0x0000005D
103CONFIG_INITIALIZATION_FAILEDWhen Registry configuration gets failed the stop code appears.0x00000067
104FILE_INITIALIZATION_FAILEDInfrequent Blue Screen0x00000068
105IO1_INITIALIZATION_FAILEDinitialization of the I/O system failed leads this stop code to appear.0x00000069
106LPC_INITIALIZATION_FAILEDSeldom occurring Blue screen0x0000006A
107PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILEDInitialization of the OS failed causes this stop code.0x0000006B
108REFMON_INITIALIZATION_FAILEDOccasionally occurs0x0000006C
109SESSION1_INITIALIZATION_FAILEDWindows OS Initialization failure leads to throw this BSOD.0x0000006D
114ASSIGN_DRIVE_LETTERS_FAILEDRare issue0x00000072
115CONFIG_LIST_FAILEDWhen Core registry hives are unable to link the registry tree this error appears.0x00000073
116BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFOCorruption in registry is the main cause of this blue screen.0x00000074
117CANNOT_WRITE_CONFIGURATIONWhen registry hive file fails to be converted to a mapped file this BSoD shows up.0x00000075
118PROCESS_HAS_LOCKED_PAGESDevice Driver tries to unlock pages that are previously unlocked or locked and fails to do so throwing the error.0x00000076
119KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERRORMemory fails to read requested page of kernel data coming from the paging file and throws BSOD.0x00000077
120PHASE0_EXCEPTIONAn unexpected crash during HAL initialization causes this issue.0x00000078
121MISMATCHED_HALThe prime cause of this error is Hardware Abstraction Layer revision level or configuration that fails to match that of the computer or kernel.0x00000079
122KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERRORMemory finds itself unable to read the requested page of kernel data.0x0000007A
123INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICEWindows OS cannot access the system partition while starting up.0x0000007B
124BUGCODE_NDIS_DRIVERWindows identifies a defect in Networking driver.0x0000007C
125INSTALL_MORE_MEMORYLack of memory to start Windows.0x0000007D
126SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLEDError handler cannot trace out an exception caused by thread.0x0000007E
127UNEXPECTED_KERNEL_MODE_TRAPIntel CPU gives rise to a trap and kernel becomes unable to catch this.0x0000007F
128NMI_HARDWARE_FAILUREA malfunction is progressing into hardware.0x00000080
129SPIN_LOCK_INIT_FAILUREInfrequent issue0x00000081
131SETUP_FAILUREfatal error occurred during setup.0x00000085
132MBR_CHECKSUM_MISMATCHThis stop code appears when mismatch happens in the MBR checksum0x0000008B
133KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLEDThe error handler fails to identify exception created by kernel-mode application.0x0000008E
134PP0_INITIALIZATION_FAILEDError appears when Plug and Play manager is not able to be initialized.0x0000008F
136UP_DRIVER_ON_MP_SYSTEMWindows is running on multiprocessor however driver is assembled to work on only one.0x00000092
137INVALID_KERNEL_HANDLEBSoD generated when Kernel code attempted to end protected or invalid handle.0x00000093
138KERNEL_STACK_LOCKED_AT_EXITBlue screen occurs with this stop code because thread exits while its kernel stack is specified as not swappable0x00000094
139INVALID_WORK_QUEUE_ITEMBSoD appears when queue entry is deleted that includes a NULL pointer.0x00000096
140BOUND_IMAGE_UNSUPPORTEDOccasional problem0x00000097
141END_OF_NT_EVALUATION_PERIODAppears when trial period of Windows comes to end.0x00000098
142INVALID_REGION_OR_SEGMENTBlue screen crops up when ExInterlockedExtendRegion or ExInitializeRegion is called with an invalid set of parameters.0x00000099
143SYSTEM_LICENSE_VIOLATIONViolation of license agreement leads to shape up this BSoD error.0x0000009A
144UDFS_FILE_SYSTEMDamage in UDF File System produces this issue.0x0000009B
145MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTIONWhen fatal machine check exception eventuates this error appears.0x0000009C
146USER_MODE_HEALTH_MONITORThe Components of critical user-mode are unable to fulfill a health check0x0000009E
147DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILUREBSoD shows up when a driver remains in an invalid or inconsistent power state.0x0000009F
148INTERNAL_POWER_ERROROccurs due to power policy manager that encounters a fatal error.0x000000A0
149PCI_BUS_DRIVER_INTERNALPCI Bus driver identifies inconsistency difficulties in its internal structures and fails to continue.0x000000A1
150MEMORY_IMAGE_CORRUPTDamage in the image of an executable file living in memory leads to this problem.0x000000A2
151ACPI_DRIVER_INTERNALThis mess up occurs because ACPI driver enucleates an internal inconsistency.0x000000A3
152CNSS_FILE_SYSTEM_FILTERReason for the problem is damage to CNSS file system filter.0x000000A4
153ACPI_BIOS_ERRORAdvanced Configuration and Power Interface BIOS is not perfectly acquiescent with the ACPI specification.0x000000A5
154BAD_EXHANDLEThe flaw occurs due to “kernel-mode handle table” that identifies an inconsistent entry state.0x000000A7
155SESSION_HAS_VALID_POOL_ON_EXITDuring this bug situation, session device driver doesn’t release its pool allocations prior to a session unload.0x000000AB
156HAL_MEMORY_ALLOCATIONHardware abstraction layer fails to find enough amount of non-paged memory pool for a critical requirement.0x000000AC
157VIDEO_DRIVER_DEBUG_REPORT_REQUESTVideo port generates a minidump to satisfy the driver’s request.0x000000AD
158BGI_DETECTED_VIOLATIONRare bugcheck0x000000B1
159VIDEO_DRIVER_INIT_FAILUREWindows cannot access graphics mode.0x000000B4
160ATTEMPTED_SWITCH_FROM_DPCDPC tried an illegitimate operation.0x000000B8
161CHIPSET_DETECTED_ERRORInfrequent error0x000000B9
162SESSION_HAS_VALID_VIEWS_ON_EXITA session driver mapped views cannot be unmapped before session unloaded.0x000000BA
163NETWORK_BOOT_INITIALIZATION_FAILEDWindows is unsuccessful to boot off a network.0x000000BB
164NETWORK_BOOT_DUPLICATE_ADDRESSIssue occurs when an extra identical IP address is assigned to the pc while booting off a network.0x000000BC
165INVALID_HIBERNATED_STATEMemory image created by hibernation is not compatible with the previous hardware configuration.0x000000BD
166ATTEMPTED_WRITE_TO_READONLY_MEMORYThe issue appears when driver tries to write read only file.0x000000BE
167MUTEX_ALREADY_OWNEDShape up when thread tries to acquire ownership of a mutex it owns so far.0x000000BF
168SPECIAL_POOL_DETECTED_MEMORY_CORRUPTIONOccurs when driver writes to an invalid area of the special pool0x000000C1
169BAD_POOL_CALLERA thread requests invalid pools.0x000000C2
170DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATIONMalfunctioning of driver verifier gives rise to this code.0x000000C4
171DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOLThis BSoD appears when system tries to approach invalid memory at a process IRQL that is extremely high.0x000000C5
172DRIVER_CAUGHT_MODIFYING_FREED_POOLDriver tries to access a released memory pool.0x000000C6
173TIMER_OR_DPC_INVALIDThe BSOD appears when DPC or kernel timer remains somewhere in memory where it is not permitted.0x000000C7
174IRQL_UNEXPECTED_VALUEIRQL of processor has not the value what it should be currently.0x000000C8
175DRIVER_VERIFIER_IOMANAGER_VIOLATIONI/O violation by driver verifier throws this issue.0x000000C9
176PNP_DETECTED_FATAL_ERRORBSOD prompts when Plug and Play Manager confront a severe error.0x000000CA
177DRIVER_LEFT_LOCKED_PAGES_IN_PROCESSI/O manager or driver is unsuccessful to free locked pages subsequent to an operation.0x000000CB
178PAGE_FAULT_IN_FREED_SPECIAL_POOLSystem has referenced memory which was previously released.0x000000CC
179PAGE_FAULT_BEYOND_END_OF_ALLOCATIONThe BSOD prompts when system accesses memory beyond the end of some driver’s pool allocation.0x000000CD
180DRIVER_UNLOADED_WITHOUT_CANCELLING_PENDING_OPERATIONSThe issue takes place when driver fails to terminate pending operations prior to unloading.0x000000CE
181TERMINAL_SERVER_DRIVER_MADE_INCORRECT_MEMORY_REFERENCEDriver, incorrectly ported to the terminal server cause this problem.0x000000CF
182DRIVER_CORRUPTED_MMPOOLThe issue occurs because system tries to access invalid memory at a process IRQL that is extremely high.0x000000D0
183DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUALKernel-mode driver attempted to access pageable memory while the process IRQL was too high.0x000000D1
184BUGCODE_ID_DRIVERIssue running in an NDIS driver0x000000D2
185DRIVER_PORTION_MUST_BE_NONPAGEDSystem attempted to access pageable memory at a process IRQL that was too high.0x000000D3
186SYSTEM_SCAN_AT_RAISED_IRQL_CAUGHT_IMPROPER_DRIVER_UNLOADDriver doesn’t close pending operations previous to unloading.0x000000D4
187DRIVER_PAGE_FAULT_IN_FREED_SPECIAL_POOLDriver has referenced memory which was earlier freed.0x000000D5
188DRIVER_PAGE_FAULT_BEYOND_END_OF_ALLOCATIONIssue appears when driver accesses memory further away than the end of its pool allocation.0x000000D6
189DRIVER_UNMAPPING_INVALID_VIEWDriver is attempting to unmap mapped address.0x000000D7
190DRIVER_USED_EXCESSIVE_PTESPage table entries are not available further.0x000000D8
191LOCKED_PAGES_TRACKER_CORRUPTIONBSOD occurs because of damage in internal locked-page tracking structures.0x000000D9
192SYSTEM_PTE_MISUSEBSoD shows up because of Page table entry routine which has been used in an improper method.0x000000DA
193DRIVER_CORRUPTED_SYSPTESDriver tries to access memory at an invalid IRQL, possibly because of damage in system Page table entries.0x000000DB
194DRIVER_INVALID_STACK_ACCESSDriver accessed a stack address that resides under the stack pointer of the thread.0x000000DC
195POOL_CORRUPTION_IN_FILE_AREADriver has malfunctioning pool memory that is used for holding pages designated for disk.0x000000DE
196IMPERSONATING_WORKER_THREADWork item did not disable impersonation before it completed.0x000000DF
197ACPI_BIOS_FATAL_ERRORAny component is faulty0x000000E0
198WORKER_THREAD_RETURNED_AT_BAD_IRQLA worker thread completed and returned with IRQL => DISPATCH_LEVEL.0x000000E1
199MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASHThis Blue screen appears when a user purposely initiates a crash dump from either keyboard or kernel debugger.0x000000E2
200RESOURCE_NOT_OWNEDOccurs after a thread tries to free a resource it didn’t own.0x000000E3
201WORKER_INVALIDIssue is commonly the result of the memory which driver releases but it still contains an executive work item.0x000000E4
202DRIVER_VERIFIER_DMA_VIOLATIONRefers to entire Driver Verifier DMA Verification violations.0x000000E6
203INVALID_FLOATING_POINT_STATEFloating-point state stored by a thread is invalid.0x000000E7
204INVALID_CANCEL_OF_FILE_OPENInvalid file object was passed to IoCancelFileOpen0x000000E8
Blue Screen shows up because of termination of an active executive worker thread.0x000000E9
206THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVERThread in a driver is everlastingly spinning.0x000000EA
207DIRTY_MAPPED_PAGES_CONGESTIONBlue screen appears when free pages are unavailable to further continue operations.0x000000EB
A session driver holds memory but session unload occurs.0x000000EC
209UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUMEBSOD appears because input and output subsystem tries to mount the boot volume and it fails.0x000000ED
210CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIEDOccurs when critical system process died.0x000000EF
211STORAGE_MINIPORT_ERRORThe prime cause is the storage Miniport driver that fails to satisfy a SRB request.0x000000F0
212SCSI_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATIONThe Blue Screen of Death refers to entire Driver Verifier SCSI Verification violations.0x000000F1
213HARDWARE_INTERRUPT_STORMOccurrence of this BSOD is because of the kernel that discovers an interrupt storm.0x000000F2
214DISORDERLY_SHUTDOWNWindows fails to shut down because of short of memory.0x000000F3
215CRITICAL_OBJECT_TERMINATIONA process or thread crucial to system operation has unexpectedly exited or been terminated.0x000000F4
216FLTMGR_FILE_SYSTEMBlue Screen of Death appears due to the Filter Manager which encountered unrecoverable failure.0x000000F5
217PCI_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATIONPCI driver is verifying an error in BIOS or another device.0x000000F6
218DRIVER_OVERRAN_STACK_BUFFERA driver has overrun a stack-based buffer.0x000000F7
219RAMDISK_BOOT_INITIALIZATION_FAILEDWhen RAM disk is used to boot an initialization failure takes place.0x000000F8
220DRIVER_RETURNED_STATUS_REPARSE_FOR_VOLUME_OPENA device driver returned “STATUS_REPARSE” to an IRP_MJ_CREATE request without trailing names.0x000000F9
221HTTP_DRIVER_CORRUPTEDHttp.sys has come to a corrupted state and unable to recover.0x000000FA
222ATTEMPTED_EXECUTE_OF_NOEXECUTE_MEMORYThe Blue Screen of Death bug shows up when trying to execute a non-executable memory.0x000000FC
223DIRTY_NOWRITE_PAGES_CONGESTIONBSOD occurs due to unable to continue basic system operations because of unavailability of free pages.0x000000FD
224BUGCODE_USB_DRIVERUSB driver encounters error.0x000000FE
225RESERVE_QUEUE_OVERFLOWThe issue appears due to overflow of Queue because of inserting a new item into a reserve queue.0x000000FF
226LOADER_BLOCK_MISMATCHReason for this problem is either the loader block is invalid, or it does not match the system that is being loaded.0x00000100
227CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUTSecondary processor experience an expected clock interrupt. This occurs in a multi-processor system that doesn’t receive under allocated interval.0x00000101
228DPC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUTBlue screen of death appears because Deferred Procedure Call watchdog routine isn’t executed in allocated time interval.0x00000102
229MUP_FILE_SYSTEMReason of the BSOD is Multiple UNC provider that has experienced invalid or unexpected data.0x00000103
230AGP_INVALID_ACCESSGraphic Processing Unit writes to a range of AGP memory that had not earlier been committed.0x00000104
231AGP_GART_CORRUPTIONBlue screen appears because GART is corrupt.0x00000105
232AGP_ILLEGALLY_REPROGRAMMEDAn unauthorized agent has re-programmed AGP hardware.0x00000106
233THIRD_PARTY_FILE_SYSTEM_FAILUREFile system filter or 3rd party file system encounter an unrecoverable issue.0x00000108
234CRITICAL_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTIONKernel has identified critical kernel code or data corruption.0x00000109
236FSRTL_EXTRA_CREATE_PARAMETER_VIOLATIONBlue Screen occurs when a violation is detected in the FsRtl ECP package.0x0000010C
237WDF_VIOLATIONKMDF identify that Windows find an error in a framework-based driver.0x0000010D
238VIDEO_MEMORY_MANAGEMENT_INTERNALIn this Blue screen condition, video memory manager is unable to recover.0x0000010E
239RESOURCE_MANAGER_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLEDBSod refers to the unrecoverable state of resource manager.0x0000010F
240RECURSIVE_NMIA non-maskable-interrupt happens while a previous NMI was going on.0x00000111
241MSRPC_STATE_VIOLATIONIn this issue, Msrpc.sys driver has started a bug check.0x00000112
242VIDEO_DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERRORInfrequent error0x00000113
245VIDEO_TDR_FAILUREWhen trying to reset display driver furthermore recover from a timeout fails and prompts BSoD.0x00000116
246VIDEO_TDR_TIMEOUT_DETECTEDGraphics driver is unable to respond in a timely method.0x00000117
247VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERRORBSoD prompts because video scheduler has encountered a fatal violation.0x00000119
248EM_INITIALIZATION_FAILURERare bugcheck0x0000011A
249DRIVER_RETURNED_HOLDING_CANCEL_LOCKA driver has returned from a cancel routine that holds the global cancel lock.0x0000011B
250ATTEMPTED_WRITE_TO_CM_PROTECTED_STORAGEThe issue occurs when configuration manager read-only protected storage is written.0x0000011C
251EVENT_TRACING_FATAL_ERRORBlue Screen of Death appears because of the Event Tracing sub-system that has experienced an unexpected fatal error.0x0000011D
252TOO_MANY_RECURSIVE_FAULTSA file system has produced lots of recursive faults under low resource conditions that cannot be handled.0x0000011E
253INVALID_DRIVER_HANDLESomebody has stopped the initial handle for a driver between inserting the driver object and referencing the handle.0x0000011F
254BITLOCKER_FATAL_ERRORBSoD occurs because BitLocker drive encryption encountered an issue that it cannot recover from.0x00000120
255DRIVER_VIOLATIONDriver has caused a violation.0x00000121
256WHEA_INTERNAL_ERRORAn internal issue takes place in the Windows Hardware Error Architecture.0x00000122
257CRYPTO_SELF_TEST_FAILURECryptographic subsystem failed a mandatory algorithm self-test during bootstrap.0x00000123
258WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERRORA fatal error in hardware has occurred.0x00000124
259NMR_INVALID_STATENMR has found an invalid state.0x00000125
260NETIO_INVALID_POOL_CALLERAn invalid pool request has been made to netio managed memory pool, e.g. FSB and MDL.0x00000126
261PAGE_NOT_ZEROBlue Screen of Death appears when a page isn’t filled with 0 but it should be.0x00000127
262WORKER_THREAD_RETURNED_WITH_BAD_IO_PRIORITYA worker threads IOPriority was incorrectly changed by the called worker routine.0x00000128
263WORKER_THREAD_RETURNED_WITH_BAD_PAGING_IO_PRIORITYA worker threads Paging IOPriority was wrongly modified by the called worker routine.0x00000129
264MUI_NO_VALID_SYSTEM_LANGUAGEBSOD stop code occurs when Windows doesn’t notice installed, licensed language packs for the default UI language.0x0000012A
265FAULTY_HARDWARE_CORRUPTED_PAGEA damage in memory manager caused by a component that accesses memory through physical addressing.0x0000012B
266EXFAT_FILE_SYSTEMexFAT file system encountered an issue.0x0000012C
267VOLSNAP_OVERLAPPED_TABLE_ACCESSVolsnap attempted to access a common table from two different threads which may result in table corruption and eventually corrupt the table.0x0000012D
268INVALID_MDL_RANGEThis is typically a driver bug.0x0000012E
269VHD_BOOT_INITIALIZATION_FAILEDBlue Screen of death appear because of initialization failure that take place while trying to boot from a VHD.0x0000012F
270DYNAMIC_ADD_PROCESSOR_MISMATCHOccurs when new processor is incompatible with the current configuration0x00000130
271INVALID_EXTENDED_PROCESSOR_STATEAppears when restoring or saving extended processor state.0x00000131
272RESOURCE_OWNER_POINTER_INVALIDBSoD refers to supply of invalid resource owner pointer.0x00000132
273DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATIONWhen faulty driver code doesn’t perform its work within the allotted time frame0x00000133
274DRIVE_EXTENDERDrive extender component has encountered a serious internal error that stops continued operation.0x00000134
275REGISTRY_FILTER_DRIVER_EXCEPTIONBlue Screen of death appears because of an unhandled exception in a registry filtering driver.0x00000135
276VHD_BOOT_HOST_VOLUME_NOT_ENOUGH_SPACEWhen trying to boot via VHD an initialization failure occurs.0x00000136
277WIN32K_HANDLE_MANAGERwin32k/ntuser handle manager encounters a fatal error.0x00000137
278GPIO_CONTROLLER_DRIVER_ERRORBSoD occurs when GPIO class extension driver experienced a fatal error.0x00000138
279KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILUREKernel has identifies the damage in a critical data structure.0x00000139
280KERNEL_MODE_HEAP_CORRUPTIONKernel mode heap manager identifies damage in a heap.0x0000013A
281PASSIVE_INTERRUPT_ERRORKernel has encountered problems with passive-level interrupt.0x0000013B
282INVALID_IO_BOOST_STATEBSoD occurs when a thread exits with an invalid Input or output boost state.0x0000013C
283CRITICAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILUREBlue Screen of Death prompts when early kernel initialization has failed.0x0000013D
284STORAGE_DEVICE_ABNORMALITY_DETECTEDThis mess up happens when storage driver stack experiences proportion of responsiveness violations surpassing the threshold, or other failures to respond.0x00000140
285VIDEO_ENGINE_TIMEOUT_DETECTEDEither of the display engines is unable to respond in timely method.0x00000141
286VIDEO_TDR_APPLICATION_BLOCKEDDisplay hardware cannot be accessed by an app.0x00000142
287PROCESSOR_DRIVER_INTERNALAppears when PPM driver experiences a fatal error.0x00000143
288BUGCODE_USB3_DRIVEROccurs due to damage in USB 3 driver.0x00000144
289SECURE_BOOT_VIOLATIONA necessary operation not being performed or invalid policy leads to prevent the starting of secure Boot policy enforcement.0x00000145
290ABNORMAL_RESET_DETECTEDThe issue appears when Windows undergo an abnormal reset0x00000147
291REFS_FILE_SYSTEMA file system error has occurred.0x00000149
292KERNEL_WMI_INTERNALBlue Screen of death appears because a fatal error occurs in internal kernel WMI subsystem.0x0000014A
293SOC_SUBSYSTEM_FAILURESystem on Chip subsystems experienced an unrecoverable issue.0x0000014B
294FATAL_ABNORMAL_RESET_ERRORSystem has abnormally reset.0x0000014C
295EXCEPTION_SCOPE_INVALIDAppears because System encounters internal inconsistency in exception dispatching0x0000014D
296SOC_CRITICAL_DEVICE_REMOVEDA critical System on a Chip device has been unexpectedly failed or removed.0x0000014E
297PDC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUTA system cannot return from standby because component is unable to respond within the allocated time period.0x0000014F
298TCPIP_AOAC_NIC_ACTIVE_REFERENCE_LEAKUntil the send queue is fully drained NIC active reference should isn’t freed.0x00000150
299UNSUPPORTED_INSTRUCTION_MODEPrompts when you try to execute code via an unsupported processor instruction mode.0x00000151
300INVALID_PUSH_LOCK_FLAGSflags supplied to one of push lock APIs were invalid.0x00000152
301KERNEL_LOCK_ENTRY_LEAKED_ON_THREAD_TERMINATIONBefore a thread releases entire AutoBoost lock entries it is terminated.0x00000153
302UNEXPECTED_STORE_EXCEPTIONUnexpected exception occurs in store component.0x00000154
303OS_DATA_TAMPERINGRare bugcheck0x00000155
304WINSOCK_DETECTED_HUNG_CLOSESOCKET_LIVEDUMPBlue screen appears after Winsock encounters a hung transport endpoint close request.0x00000156
305KERNEL_THREAD_PRIORITY_FLOOR_VIOLATIONBSoD occurs when on the priority floor of a particular thread an illegal operation is attempted.0x00000157
306ILLEGAL_IOMMU_PAGE_FAULTBlue Screen of Death appears because IOMMU has delivered a page fault packet for an invalid ASID.0x00000158
307HAL_ILLEGAL_IOMMU_PAGE_FAULTIOMMU vendor has delivered a page fault against an ASID that was in the process of being freed.0x00000159
308SDBUS_INTERNAL_ERRORSD-attached device encountered unrecoverable hardware failure.0x0000015A
309WORKER_THREAD_RETURNED_WITH_SYSTEM_PAGE_PRIORITY_ACTIVEBlue screen occurs when called worker routine leaks worker thread’s system page priority0x0000015B
310PDC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT_LIVEDUMPBSOD occurs because a system component becomes unable to respond within the allocated time period and prevents from exiting or entering standby.0x0000015C
311SOC_SUBSYSTEM_FAILURE_LIVEDUMPSoC subsystem encountered a critical fault and captured a live kernel dump.0x0000015D
312BUGCODE_NDIS_DRIVER_LIVE_DUMPNDIS has captured a live kernel dump.0x0000015E
313CONNECTED_STANDBY_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT_LIVEDUMPBlue Screen appears because an issue prompts in connected standby watchdog timeout.0x0000015F
314WIN32K_ATOMIC_CHECK_FAILUREWin32k function has violated an ATOMICCHECK.0x00000160
315LIVE_SYSTEM_DUMPBlue Screen occurs because the system administrator requested the collection of a live system memory dump.0x00000161
316KERNEL_AUTO_BOOST_INVALID_LOCK_RELEASEA thread that doesn’t own a lock has freed the lock tracked by AutoBoost.0x00000162
317WORKER_THREAD_TEST_CONDITIONKernel worker threads raised a failure.0x00000163
318WIN32K_CRITICAL_FAILUREWin32k has encountered a critical failure.0x00000164
319CLUSTER_CSV_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT_LIVEDUMP SMB client on the non-coordinating node complains that an IO on coordinating node is taking too long and fails all IOs with STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT.0x00000165
320CLUSTER_RESOURCE_CALL_TIMEOUT_LIVEDUMPBSOD occurs after Cluster Resource call takes more time than configured timeout.0x00000166
321CLUSTER_CSV_SNAPSHOT_DEVICE_INFO_TIMEOUT_LIVEDUMPCluster Service call to the volume snap to query snapshot information took too long.0x00000167
322CLUSTER_CSV_STATE_TRANSITION_TIMEOUT_LIVEDUMPBlue screen throws up because Cluster Shared Volume state transition takes too long.0x00000168
323CLUSTER_CSV_VOLUME_ARRIVAL_LIVEDUMPCSV Manager was asked to create a new volume device object, and it has not reached in time.0x00000169
324CLUSTER_CSV_VOLUME_REMOVAL_LIVEDUMPBlue Screen occurs because a CSV Manager volume removal request has timed out.0x0000016A
325CLUSTER_CSV_CLUSTER_WATCHDOG_LIVEDUMPCluster service user mode watchdog identified that a thread is not progressing for a long.0x0000016B
The reason of this Blue Screen error is the flags supplied to one of the rundown protection APIs which were invalid.0x0000016C
327INVALID_SLOT_ALLOCATOR_FLAGSflags supplied to one of the slot allocation API were invalid.0x0000016D
328ERESOURCE_INVALID_RELEASEtarget thread pointer supplied to ExReleaseResourceForThreadLite was invalid.0x0000016E
329CLUSTER_CSV_STATE_TRANSITION_INTERVAL_TIMEOUT_LIVEDUMPCSV next state transition request has not reached.0x0000016F
330CRYPTO_LIBRARY_INTERNAL_ERRORBlue Screen throws up when internal error in the crypto libraries occurs.0x00000170
331CLUSTER_CSV_CLUSSVC_DISCONNECT_WATCHDOGCluster disconnect is not making forward progress.0x00000171
332COREMSGCALL_INTERNAL_ERRORCoreMessageCall encountered an unrecoverable error.0x00000173
333COREMSG_INTERNAL_ERRORBlue Screen appears when CoreMessaging detects an unrecoverable error.0x00000174
334PREVIOUS_FATAL_ABNORMAL_RESET_ERRORSystem has abnormally reset Windows phone or unrecoverable error occurred.0x00000175
335ELAM_DRIVER_DETECTED_FATAL_ERROREarly Launch Antimalware driver detected a fatal error.0x00000178
336CLUSTER_CLUSPORT_STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT_LIVEDUMPSMB client on the initiator node complains that an IO to a target node is taking too long and fails all IOs with STATUS_IO_TIMEOUT.0x00000179
338PDC_LOCK_WATCHDOG_LIVEDUMPBSoD prompts up when thread has been holding PDC lock too long.0x0000017C
System unexpectedly revokes activator.0x0000017D
340MICROCODE_REVISION_MISMATCHEither one or multiple processors in the configuration have loaded inconsistent microcode.0x0000017E
341VIDEO_DWMINIT_TIMEOUT_FALLBACK_BDDVideo fell back to Behavior-Driven Development rather than using the IHV driver.0x00000187
342CLUSTER_CSVFS_LIVEDUMPCSV File System initiated this livedump to help debug an inconsistent state.0x00000188
343BAD_OBJECT_HEADEROccurs because of damage in OBJECT_HEADER.0x00000189
344SECURE_KERNEL_ERRORSecure kernel confronts a fatal error.0x0000018B
345HYPERGUARD_VIOLATIONBlue Screen throws up because kernel has identified critical kernel or code data have been corrupted.0x0000018C
346SECURE_FAULT_UNHANDLEDSecure fault originated by the secure kernel could not be handled.0x0000018D
Issue takes place because a partition was improperly dereferenced.0x0000018E
348WIN32K_CRITICAL_FAILURE_LIVEDUMPWin32k has encountered a critical failure.0x00000190
349PF_DETECTED_CORRUPTIONRare bugcheck0x00000191
350KERNEL_AUTO_BOOST_LOCK_ACQUISITION_WITH_RAISED_IRQLA lock tracked by AutoBoost was acquired while executing at DISPATCH_LEVEL or above.0x00000192
351VIDEO_DXGKRNL_LIVEDUMPdxgkrnl causes a livedump.0x00000193
352SMB_SERVER_LIVEDUMPBSOD prompts when SMB server encounters an issue and has captures a kernel dump to gather debug information.0x00000195
353LOADER_ROLLBACK_DETECTEDOS loader edition doesn’t match the OS.0x00000196
354WIN32K_SECURITY_FAILUREWIN32K experiences security failure.0x00000197
355UFX_LIVEDUMPUFX livedump occurred.0x00000198
356KERNEL_STORAGE_SLOT_IN_USEBlue Screen of Death appears since storage slot fails to be released because there is an object using it.0x00000199
357WORKER_THREAD_RETURNED_WHILE_ATTACHED_TO_SILO“A worker thread attached to a silo and did not detach before returning”.0x0000019A
358TTM_FATAL_ERRORBSOD occurs when Terminal topology manager (TTM) encountered a fatal error.0x0000019B
Win32k didn’t turn on the monitor in a timely method.0x0000019C
360CLUSTER_SVHDX_LIVEDUMPSVHDX initiated this livedump to help debug an inconsistent state.0x0000019D
361TTM_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUTTerminal topology manager (TTM) identified that some device specific operations did not compete with the configured timeouts .0x000001A0
362CALL_HAS_NOT_RETURNED_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT_LIVEDUMPA call has not returned within the timeout period.0x000001A3
364USB_DRIPS_BLOCKER_SURPRISE_REMOVAL_LIVEDUMPA USB device will be surprisingly removed seeing that it is blocking DRIPS.0x000001A5
365BLUETOOTH_ERROR_RECOVERY_LIVEDUMPbthport.sys has tried to recover and reset the radio from an irremediable internal condition.0x000001A6
366SMB_REDIRECTOR_LIVEDUMPSMB redirector has identified an issue and has gathered a kernel dump to collect debug information.0x000001A7
367VIDEO_DXGKRNL_BLACK_SCREEN_LIVEDUMPA user initiated DXGKRNL livedump for the scenarios of black screen.0x000001A8
369DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION_LIVEDUMPA driver trying to damage the system has been detected.0x000001C4
370IO_THREADPOOL_DEADLOCK_LIVEDUMPA kernel mode thread pool experienced a deadlock condition.0x000001C5
A current thread is carrying out an invalid call to a fast resource routine.0x000001C6
372STORE_DATA_STRUCTURE_CORRUPTIONThe store component identified a malfunction in its data structures.0x000001C7
373MANUALLY_INITIATED_POWER_BUTTON_HOLDBSOD appears when a user holds power button for a specified time0x000001C8
374USER_MODE_HEALTH_MONITOR_LIVEDUMPBlue Screen of Death appears when a critical user mode component is unable to fulfill a health check.0x000001C9
375SYNTHETIC_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUTSystem freezes and not processing timer ticks.0x000001CA
376INVALID_SILO_DETACHA thread cannot detach from a silo prior to exiting.0x000001CB
377EXRESOURCE_TIMEOUT_LIVEDUMPA deadlock situation or heavy contention which can lead to performance problems.0x000001CC
378INVALID_CALLBACK_STACK_ADDRESSBSOD occurs because the callback stack seems to be a user mode address which is illegitimate.0x000001CD
379INVALID_KERNEL_STACK_ADDRESSIn the middle of context switch, an invalid initial kernel stack address was encountered.0x000001CE
380HARDWARE_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUTSystem freezes and is not processing timer ticks.0x000001CF
381CPI_FIRMWARE_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUTACPI driver was not able to perform a task in expected allotted time.0x000001D0
382TELEMETRY_ASSERTS_LIVEDUMPIssue throws up when a Telemetry Assert verification fails.0x000001D1
383WORKER_THREAD_INVALID_STATEThe problem refers to the invalid state of an executive worker thread.0x000001D2
384WFP_INVALID_OPERATIONA Filtering Platform callout carries out an invalid operation.0x000001D3
385UCMUCSI_LIVEDUMPAn UcmUcsi class extension has experienced an error.0x000001D4
386DRIVER_PNP_WATCHDOGA driver is not able to perform a PnP operation under a specific time.0x000001D5
387WORKER_THREAD_RETURNED_WITH_NON_DEFAULT_WORKLOAD_CLASSA worker thread modified its workload class and didn’t revert it prior to returning.0x000001D6
388EFS_FATAL_ERRORAn Encrypting File System error situation has occurred such that cannot be handled without data loss or data corruption.0x000001D7
389UCMUCSI_FAILUREUCSI class extension has experienced an issue.0x000001D8
390HAL_IOMMU_INTERNAL_ERRORHAL IOMMU library encountered an internal error issue.0x000001D9
391IPI_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUTBlue screen of death prompts when a processor gets stuck in an IPI loop for more than the allowed time.0x000001DB
392DMA_COMMON_BUFFER_VECTOR_ERRORA driver has put the DMA vectored common buffer APIs to wrong use.0x000001DC
393XBOX_ERACTRL_CS_TIMEOUTBSOD throws up because eractrl.sys driver fails to transition the Xbox console to or from standby after an extended time.0x00000356
394BC_BLUETOOTH_VERIFIER_FAULTA driver has caused a violation.0x00000BFE
395BC_BTHMINI_VERIFIER_FAULTBluetooth miniport extensible driver verifier has caught a violation.0x00000BFF
396HYPERVISOR_ERRORIssue prompts because hypervisor has experienced a fatal error.0x00020001
401THREAD_TERMINATE_HELD_MUTEXBlue Screen of Death throws up because a driver obtained a mutex on a thread that exited before it could be freed.0x4000008A
402STATUS_CANNOT_LOAD_REGISTRY_FILEAs the code says registry file could not be loaded.0xC0000218
403WINLOGON_FATAL_ERRORBSOD appears when Winlogon process is unexpectedly closed.0xC000021A
404STATUS_IMAGE_CHECKSUM_MISMATCHA system DLL or driver has been damaged.0xC0000221
405MANUALLY_INITIATED_CRASH1Blue Screen of Death prompts when a User intentionally initiated a crash dump using keyboard or kernel debugger.0xDEADDEAD

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