How To Book a Cab, taxi Using TaxiForSure Android App

TaxiForSure is a new app on Android lets you book a taxi in India. It claims itself to be the fastest way to book a taxi. This is a travel experience provider. Using this app, you can book a taxi in the simplest way possible. You can book for a ride on TaxiForSure in more than 50 cities in India. This is a cheap and affordable option if you are looking for a city ride, night out in your city, tour to some hills, Airport or Train transfer etc.

This company has a wide range of cars starting from Indica, Sedans to premium cars like BMW, Mercedes and Jaguar. All of these Cars are driven by skilled chauffeurs. One thing you must know that, they don’t own any taxi. What they do is to do a research and provide technology and smart analytics to taxi operators using which one can have a cab whenever he needs it.

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How to Use TaxiForSure App

Install this app from Google Play Store through the download link written at the last of this post. Once you have installed this app on your Smartphone, it will ask you for your initials, mobile number, and email id. Once you fill up that information, it is very easy to use this app. On its main screen, you will always see an option to book a Cab like the below shown screenshot.

map in taxy for sure android app

There are two options provided to its users and they are Pick Later and Pick Now. Pick now is an immediate pickup and it will only ask you for the pickup address. If there would be any car free at that moment, it will immediately reach you on your called address. Sometimes, it might take time as it all depends on availability. Pick Later is Future pickups. Here, you have to give the timing and day of boarding along with the pickup address.


  1. While other cabs allow four modes of payment including Cash payment on arrival, TaxiForSure doesn’t allow this facility which makes it look not that much attractive. In TaxiForSure you have to first fill up your wallet and then use this money to book a cab which is a tedious process.
  2. You should always ask their representative about other hidden costs, as they do all have but doesn’t mention while booking like: waiting charge, night charge, queue charge etc.
  3. There is a feature on this app which they call Magic Trick. All you have to do in this feature is to shake your mobile and it will show all the nearby cabs or taxi on its screen. It basically works on the principle of Maps and location provided on your Smartphone.

There is a Fare chart along with this app where you can look out for fare in different routes. Once you book a taxi on TaxiForSure, it will send you the details of chauffeur with his mobile number along with the number of the car with which you are going to move. You can always check where your booked car on this app is.

chaufeurs name and id on book a taxi & track where it is page

Key Features of This App

  1. The Process of booking a taxi is very easy.
  2. Consists of Trained Chauffeurs.
  3. Provides airport transfers, city rides.
  4. Cheap, Affordable rates and fares.
  5. Comprises of the wide range of cabs.


TaxiForSure is one of the cab booking apps. It helps you in finding a taxi in least possible time so that you can reach your destination on time. Fair charges may vary if you select a location outside of town or a big journey. It is just the same as previous cabs app in the market like Ola Cabs, Yellow cabs, Radio Cabs etc. There is nothing new except for their self claimed advertisement i.e. it is the fastest way to book a taxi.

Download TaxiForSure Android App from here

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