How to Fix Control Panel Crashes on Windows 10

Many users who have upgraded their machine to a couple of months earlier launched Windows 10 are confronting with Control panel crashes. Opening control panel leads to the machine freeze for a short span of time. When the machine returns back to normalcy Control panel closes.

They reported that they have attempted every possible Error fixing tool and tactic to fix the issue like running SFC, DISM but all of these went in vain. If you are among the users who are facing Control Panel crashes on Windows 10 then read the rest part of the post below.

Fix Control Panel Crashes on Windows 10

How to Fix Control Panel Crashes on Windows 10

In most of the cases, control panel crashes only when users are running an audio control panel, a third-party software. After encountering Audio issues, they have downloaded IDT Audio Control Panel. The software comes from Intel but produces conflicts with the inbuilt control panel and Explorer in Windows 10 and proves the main cause for Control Panel crashes.

So the first and foremost thing you need to do is uninstall the software which has the Audio control panel.

If you are not in haste then wait for the next patch of Windows update. Since specific update creates these kinds of troubles which you have on your Windows 10. The forthcoming update may solve the issue automatically.

But if you don’t bear such amount of time you must have to uninstall the third-party control panel.

In Windows 7 or Windows Server R2, a tool named hotfix was available which could let you download the updates as per your preferences. But for Windows 10 none of the tools is accessible till now which could help to come out of Control Panel Crashing issue. So you have to either uninstall the audio control panel or wait for Microsoft to release next update.

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  1. Format the hard drive before installing the OS or imaging. Worked for me.

    I had the same issue without the IDT present. None of the other solutions worked.

    Before imaging using SCCM, I formatted the hard drive and then image.

    Control Panel no longer crashed.

  2. Here’s what worked for me……..Search – Settings – Apps – Click on Default Apps –
    Choose default apps for file types – Click on .cpl – Left click on Windows Control Panel – Click on Control Panel – Exit

  3. Worked perfectly! I doubt at first but worked great after the reboot. THANK YOU!

  4. Anwar Hossain


    SOLVED Thanks.

  5. Hi to all, Just this evening (5th of November) I have a control panel issue. It will not open anymore despite of one message I cannot see. Also the Windows start button will not open anymore. Has anyone ideas to solve this problem? Thank you!

  6. wow…the issue is control panel crashes immediately on opening and you tell us to open control panel and remove a program???hmmm the the brightest spark..

  7. Luke Jones


    Thanks so much. This worked. The way file explorer folder windows and in particular control panel kept automatically closing or crashing was a real nightmare. I had removed a number of other applications to no avail. I did not think IDT audio would have been the culprit, but when I removed it, everything stabilised nicely and the machine is now usable.
    Thanks for posting