Cortana v2.2005.21943.0 Regains Wake word in Fast Ring Windows 10

Cortana v2.2005.21943.0 will get back Wake word .e. Hey Cortana function in the Fast ring of Windows 10 Insider.

Cortana v2.2005.21943.0 Regains Wake word in Fast Ring Windows 10

Hey Cortana stopped working temporarily a few weeks ago in Windows 10. As some sources, Microsoft put dropped the function because they were working to redesign the enterprise version of the voice assistant. But thankfully Cortana v2.2005.21943.0 regains Wake word in Fast Ring Windows 10 Insider. It indicates that Hey Cortana feature will be available in Windows 10 2004 release.

Windows 10 going to receive a major update this month as we have posted here – Windows 10 May 2020 update release date revealed [Version 2004]. Microsoft is uplifting the voice assisting by including productivity services. However, the company hasn’t explained anything yet for stopping the feature in the beta version.

Cortana v2.2005.21943.0 Regains Wake word in Fast Ring Windows 10

The mystery ends now and Wake word aka Hey Cortana is functional now for the Fast ring insiders. This points out that the voice assistant will be working in the upcoming Windows 10 May 2020 Update version.

As far we know Microsoft is involved in changing Cortana to provide the functionality of Virtual assistant.  When it will come with the next Insider build the features will be revealed further. It is said that the feature will no longer be part of Taskbar but as an independent tool for enterprise version.

Source – Aggiornamenti Lumia.

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