How to Customize Mouse Pointer on Windows 10 and Change Scheme

Most of you are using the default scheme of mouse pointer and cursor set by Windows 10. In the Windows 10 tips here, We will take you through the Details to customize Mouse Pointer on Windows 10, change the scheme and all other things that you can do with Mouse cursor.


Mouse acts as the steering wheel for a Windows PC. When you are running Windows 10, the latest version of Windows on your PC, to customize mouse pointer for your convenience is a very important job and this version provides you lots of setting to make it suitable for yourself.


Mouse cursor is a graphical pointer on our computer monitor which indicates where the mouse pointer is and where the text alphabet typed will be entered. We are mainly here into this topic to let you know How to Customize Mouse Pointer on Windows 10 and Change Scheme.

How to Customize Mouse Pointer on Windows 10

  • Press Windows logo key, type control panel and then hit Enter on the keyboard.

control panel option on Taskbar search in windows 10

  • Control Panel window emerges on your screen. Click Mouse link.

mouse link on control panel in windows 10

  • A new Mouse Properties wizard pops up on the screen. By default, you will be taken to the Device Settings tab. Click Pointers tab.

pointers tab on mouse property wizard

  • There you can see that the Mouse Properties window is divided into two sections – Scheme and Customize.

scheme and customize on mouse property wizard

  • Click the drop down menu under the Schemes section and see what other pointer schemes are built in.

Pointer schemes Mouse Properties

  • Once you select the pre-installed scheme then you can see different cursor shapes under the Customize section.

How to Change Scheme of Mouse Pointer in Windows 10

  • Use the drop down menu of the Scheme section and take a look into the pre-installed schemes.
  • Select any one of the Pre-installed schemes.

Mouse properties pre installed schemes

  • After selecting the scheme, you can see various cursors of different shapes and sizes under the customize section.

Customize section different cursor shapes

  • There is a description at the side of every cursor.
  • Click on the Enable pointer shadow option if you wish to have a shadow to your mouse cursor.
  • After doing the necessary changes, tap on the Apply option followed by Ok.

apply button mouse properties window

How to Customize Individual Mouse Pointers in Windows 10

It might happen that you did not like the shapes or size of the cursors of the scheme that you chose to use. We have a solution to it also in this article How to Customize Mouse Pointer on Windows 10. Follow the steps below –

  • Click on the Browse link which is under the Pointers tab of Mouse Properties window.

Mouse properties Enable pointer shadow

  • It will take you to the folder where all the cursor images are stored.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the option you like to choose the one as per your preference.

Browse cursor options

  • After changing the cursors as per your preferences, Windows will ensure it as a new theme.
  • Make sure to Save the changes and do not forget to give a name to your new theme.

How to Delete Mouse Pointer Scheme in Windows 10

  • If you want to remove the built in schemes you won’t be able to do so.
  • After making a change to a theme and saving it with a name, you can delete it.
  • Select that particular theme and click on the Delete option.

These are various ways to Customize Mouse Pointer on Windows 10.

With the Embark of Windows 10, technology had been up to the next level of advancement. There are so many customization options available for you to do. And I am sure Windows 10 will definitely fulfill all your preferences.

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  1. I want to turn my cursor black and slow it down

  2. Update mouse pointer driver first.

  3. no matter what I do I cannot stop the zoom from going to real small and then jumping to real big,and my second problem is the pointer (cursor) I cannot get it at a good speed ,either it drags or freezes up or jumps out of my site

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  5. why does my pointer go back to its original state after I reboot my pc?

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