How to Fix DCOM got Error 1084 in Windows 10

The DCOM got error 1084 in Windows 10 usually occurs when your PC completely freezes and have to forcefully shut it down. For many users, the PC keeps on loading and hangs with the circle of dots at the startup. However, a few of them complain that they are experiencing screen graphics failure.

Upon searching every part of Windows 10, the Event Viewer notifies the following error – DCOM got error 1084. Also, this error is common among the users who have upgraded their PCs to Creators Update. So, in this tutorial, we present few workarounds that can help you to fix DCOM got error 1084 in Windows 10. So, let us go through the solutions one by one.

DCOM got Error 1084 in Windows 10 Solutions

Note – In case, you are completely unable to use the computer, go to the Safe Mode to find out the culprit. Moreover, you can also use certain diagnostic tools there to resolve the issue. Therefore, you can follow the first two solutions given below in Safe Mode also.

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Solution 1 – Uninstall and Reinstall Graphics Card Drivers

Step 1 – Press Win+X keys to Fix DCOM got error 1084. On the menu that comes into view, locate and click Device Manager.

Step 2 – Now, in the devices list, search for Graphics Card and execute a right-click on it.

Step 3 – From the options that show up, select Uninstall. Moving ahead, when the uninstallation dialog provides you an option Delete the driver software for this device, select it. Doing so also removes the corrupted files of the driver.

DCOM got error 1084 Picture 1

Step 4 – So, follow the instructions on the dialog and once you perfectly uninstall the driver, restart the computer.

Once the computer starts up, install the latest drivers. And to do so either go to your PC’s or Graphics Card producer’s web page. Here, search for latest Graphics Card drivers for Windows 10 OS and install the same by carefully following the guidelines on the web page. Finally, check if this solved DCOM got error 1084 in Windows 10.

Solution 2 – Restore Point

There is a possibility of something going incorrect during the initial installation of the OS which might lead to this error. So, here you have an opportunity to recover the system with the help of System Restore Point.

Step 1 – Type cp in the Cortana text field and select Control Panel to Fix DCOM got error 1084. When you see various applets, locate and click Recovery.

Step 2 – Click Open System Restore in the following screen.

DCOM got error 1084 Picture 2

Step 3 – Choose the restore point and to proceed ahead by clicking the Next button. Lastly, click Finish button.

However, it also suggested to Schedule System Restore Point to Create at Startup in Windows 10.

Solution 3 – Clean Install

If the above solutions do not bring any relief, then you can attempt to clean install the PC. Windows provides you various options for this. Microsoft presents you a new tool to Run Refresh Windows Tool to Clean Install Windows 10.


Hopefully, any of the above-mentioned solutions may help you to fix DCOM got error 1084 in Windows 10. Though everything works perfectly in the clean boot, the same freezing occurs time and again in the normal boot. So, try out the workarounds and if you get rid of this issue with any other way, write them to us.

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  1. nice – “Solution 1” works for me – installed the new graphics driver, got stuck @ boot screen, so used triple reset then for booting in safe mode. Checked by MS tools OS files integrity and nothing of bad.
    So, at last, find it, simple and better than reinstalling system.

  2. Video driver reinstall solved it for me.