How to Disable and Enable Magnifier’s Tracking Options in Windows 10

Way to Turn Off or On Magnifier’s Tracking Options on Windows 10. – You find Magnifier in Settings app instead of Control panel now. Microsoft has added this feature to the Ease of access category of the Settings Application. In addition, you get a few enhancements such as Tracking options, extra keyboard shortcuts here. So you will find to disable and enable the tracking options on Magnifier in this guide.

Magnifier’s Tracking Option includes 4 settings – Follow the mouse cursor, Follow the keyboard focus, Have magnifier follow the text insertion point, and Follow the narrator cursor. These options allow you to use the magnifier with perfection. You will see the meaning and work of these options and then the methods to disable and enable. Follow a great article on this ease of access tool – Windows 10 – How to Access and Use Magnifier.

Magnifier’s Tracking Options in Windows 10

Follow the mouse cursor – This tracking option enables the magnifier along with the mouse pointer. This means you will need to take your mouse cursor the section which you want to view with magnification.

Follow the keyboard focus – The option helps you to move the display screen using Keyboard. Tab and Arrow keys work for the Follow the keyboard focus option. As in normal circumstances, Arrow will scroll up and down the magnified area and tab jumps through the different sections.

Have magnifier follow the text insertion point – When you turn on this option the magnifier will show the region around the text you are typing.

Follow the narrator cursor – This option enables the narrator along with the magnifier where the cursor moves.

Now see how to disable and enable Tracking options in Magnifier on Windows 10.

Enable and Disable Magnifier’s Tracking Options in Windows 10

Step 1 – Press “Windows logo key and I” together and select Ease of access from the Settings application.

Disable and Enable Magnifier's Tracking Options in Windows 10 image 1

Step 2 – Locate Magnifier in the left pane of Ease of access. Once you find Magnifier, click on it. Now you need to go to the right pane and first of all turn the Magnifier on by pulling the toggle to the right side.

Disable and Enable Magnifier's Tracking Options in Windows 10 image 2

Step 4 – Scroll down and locate Tracking options. You can see all the 4 options under the Tracking options. To enable any option you need to only check the box. For example, when you want to enable Follow the mouse cursor, simply click on the box before this option.

Magnifier's Tracking Options in Windows 10 image 3


So this is how you can Disable and Enable Magnifier’s Tracking Options in Windows 10. You know magnifier is important ease of access tool and can zoom in an area of the screen up to nine times the standard display size. This is a great help for the visually weak users as the can view an item in a bigger size as per their need.

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