Disney Hidden Worlds Windows 8 / 10 App – Game with New Characters

Disney Hidden Worlds is a Windows 8 game app which takes you to the fancy world of Disney. The app carries you to three beautiful worlds of Disney – Tangled, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. You need to find the hidden objects using scenes from various Disney animations. The game is classified into kingdoms; each kingdom includes completing the hunt to restore the storyline of the movie. Disney Hidden Worlds, story based Disney game, introduces two brand new characters Chrona and Inklings.

The Beauty and the Beast is the first kingdom available to you in starting the game. After completing the hunt of Beauty and the Beast kingdom, you will be able to unlock the next kingdom. Now each kingdom has different locations and different scenes to quest for. When you proceed through the scenes, you will get mastery star meter based on the number of points earned by you for the respective scenes. When you get mastery star, you will be rewarded with Paper Houses, Paper Lanterns or even with gems also. You can even earn materials rewarded for each scene and then use the materials for crafting when required. The main character Chrona and the Inklings will help you to do the hunt and rebuild the kingdom again.


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Disney Hidden Worlds Windows 8 App - Game with New Characters

How to Play Disney Hidden Worlds on Windows 8

  • Install the app from the link provided below or own it from the games category of the Windows Store.
  • You have to bring Disney Stories to life.
  • You will get the first kingdom Beauty and the Beast unlocked by default as the first kingdom to hunt the objects and renovate the kingdom.
Disney Hidden Worlds Windows 8 App - Game with New Characters
  • You get scenes, check the smallest details of the scene and find the objects mentioned on the top of the scene.
Disney Hidden Worlds Windows 8 App - Game with New Characters
  • Take hints when you get stuck.
Disney Hidden Worlds Windows 8 App - Game with New Characters
  • Complete the scene and you proceed to the next location or scene.
Disney Hidden Worlds Windows 8 App - Game with New Characters
  • Earn rewards and make your own creative kingdom.
  • Complete one kingdom and explore the other ones.

Disney Hidden Worlds Windows 8 App Design

Interface of the app is brilliant. The Disney world, its characters, hunts for the hidden things, etc are designed very skillfully. The app is user-friendly and provides you a great interest in finding the hidden objects and help the characters to rebuild their kingdoms. The extraordinary animation and sound effects make the app more interesting and appeasing.

Disney Hidden Worlds App Features

  1. The app is free of cost!
  2. Excellent animation and sound effect.
  3. About 50 hidden objects to find out.
  4. Take help of the hint option when get struck.
  5. Difficulty increases with the reply option.
  6. Chrona and Inklings will help to save the kingdoms from the new villain.


Disney Hidden Worlds is one of the best games apps because it makes you travel to the world of imagination; to the world of Disney! Finding the hidden object from a scene will improve your vision and analyzing power. Download the app now and install it on your computer and make yourself travel to the fantasy world and enjoy your creativity of the kingdoms with Chrona and Inklings.

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