How to download and install iOS 6 Step by Step

The wait for the most amazing OS in the mobile world is over as Apple has launched its latest Operating System iOS 6 for mobile devices. The features of this new OS are just speechless which makes an update from old OS to this new one really worth. Some of its awesome features are:

  • Phone: The features have just become more user-friendly. When in a meeting or a conference, attending incoming calls become a hectic job. The user can simply swipe the name of the caller to see two new buttons: Remind me later and Reply with a message. The first button reminds the user to call back within an hour and so, and the second button helps the user to send template or custom-made messages to the caller.
  • Siri: Now even Facebook and Twitter statuses can be updated by just speaking into the phone’s microphone. It even answers which movies are being played in _____ theatre.
  • Maps: Navigation has just got easier and better. As Apple’s relation with Google has strained, this led to the replacement of the Google maps with iOS maps. Some of its features include: spoken navigation, vector maps and others. These maps can also be controlled by Siri. The maps are clearer and brighter.

Devices supporting iOS 6:  iPhone 5 ; iPhone 4S ; iPhone 4 ; iPhone 3GS ; Third-Generation iPad – The New iPad ; iPad 2 ; 4th generation iPod touch ; 5th generation of iPod touch.

Keeping a backup: This is very important as during upgrade the data stored on the phone may be lost or replaced. So a backup is of utmost importance.

To a computer: The backup can be made to the computer system using the iTunes. Click iTunes> it shows the devices connected through the USB> click Sync. This takes all the backup to the computer system.

To iCloud: The backup can be made online also to the iCloud. Click settings and  to go to iCloud screen and then click Storage and Backup. This act stores up all the files to the iCloud.

Installing the iOS 6 step by step through the OTA( Over the Air)

  1. Click Settings and then General.
  2. Move to Software Update.
  3. It checks for all the updates, and if they are available, then it shows the button to Download and Install which should be clicked upon.
  4. The terms and conditions must be agreed to.
  5. The new iOS 6 starts after the restart which should be done on successful completion of the installation process.

It is very important to have an unlimited Download plan, and good Internet speed as the OS is about 630 MB.

Installing the iOS 6 step by step through the iTunes

  1. If the latest version of the iTunes is available on the mobile device then it can be updated directly from there.
  2. The mobile device needs to be connected to the computer system using a USB.
  3. If the device supports iOS 6 then on opening the iTunes it automatically shows for the update. If it does not show then the Update button should be clicked to start the update.
  4. The device gets updated with the latest iOS 6 which runs after the restart

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