Download Office Deployment Tool (ODT) for Office 365 ProPlus

Microsoft has rolled out Office Deployment Tool (ODT) to download and deploy Click-to-Run editions of Office 365 ProPlus. ODT is a command line tool that provides a better control for Office installation. This helps you define the products and languages, the way to update the product, whether you like to display the install experience to your users.

You can Download Office Deployment Tool (ODT) for Office 365 ProPlus from the official web page of Microsoft easily. We are here providing the way and changelog of different versions of ODT.

Office Deployment Tool (ODT) for Office 365 ProPlus

How to Download Office Deployment Tool (ODT) for Office 365 ProPlus and Install

Navigate to this link and click on the Download button from the Office Deployment Tool page.

Open the file officedeploymenttool_11023-33600.exe and permit the UAC to run the .exe file. In a few moments, the installation will be completed.

Read – Overview and How to Use ODT.

Changelog for Office Deployment Tool (ODT) for Office 365 ProPlus different versions

Version 16.0.11023.33600

  • Microsoft allows to use a new language ID called ‘MatchInstalled’ can be used when adding or removing products.
  • The OfficeClientEdition attribute will not be a required attribute in future.
  • The Office team solved incorrect version detection after a failed installation or update.
  • They added sample configuration file for MS Office 2019 perpetual volume license products

Version 16.0.10810.33603

  • Office team solved AcceptEULA was not properly applied to all users problem when running as a system account. The fix Requires product version 16.0.9126.2116 or higher.
  • They fixed ExcludeApp was not being honored problem during the second install. This requires product version 16.0.10225.36926 or greater.
  • ODT Version 16.0.10810.33603 update logic for download mode that lets ODT to only add files that are missing when pointing to an existing source path.
  • The version updates to support the download and installation of MS Office 2019 products.
  • The ODT same version updates logic for uninstall scenarios. This will not require the XML to include all of the installed language packs to uninstall a product.

Version 16.0.10321.33602

  • This version includes ‘/customize’ mode to ODT to support standalone customization of C2R with application settings

Version 16.0.10306.33602

  • ODT version added support for removing previous MSI versions of Office – see detail.

Version 16.0.9326.3600

  • Microsoft added support for applying Office application settings during the installation of Office.

Version 16.0.9119.3601

  • They added support to fall back to the Office CDN for language packs that aren’t found in the source path.
  • The ODT version added the capability of installing individual C2R proofing tools packages with or after the initial install.

Version 16.0.8529.3600

  • The Office team added support for the updated channel names (Insiders, Monthly, Semi-Annual (Targeted), and Semi-Annual).
  • They updated ODT to allow the download operation to run without having elevated privilege.

Version 16.0.8311.3600

  • The version added support for removing Office Desktop Apps installed from the Microsoft Store.

Version 16.0.8008.3601

  • ODT started supporting to match the OS language.
  • This version solved the wrong entry for shared computer activation was created in App-V packages problem.
  • They resolved silent upgrade was not silent. To apply this fix, you must be upgrading to at least the Office “Version 1701 (Build 7766.2060) for Current Channel or First Release for Deferred Channel”/”Version 1609 (Build 7369.2118) for Deferred Channel”.

Version 16.0.7614.3602

  • This version solved ODT doesn’t honor the existing “C2R setting” when it is not provided in configuration XML file problem.
  • The update fixed Office Deployment Tool is throttled when the throttle value is set to 0.

Version 16.0.7407.3600

  • The ODT enabled the support of InsiderFast channel.

Version 16.0.7213.5776

  • This version solved updates failed when Deadline is defined.
  • ODT fixed Version is ignored within the Add element problem.
  • ODT solved installation and update files are downloaded from the Office CDN rather than from a local source.

Version 16.0.7118.5775

  • The update added support to download an MS Office source from a file share vs the Office CDN.
  • The version solved when downloading installation files from the CDN fail multiple times and increases network utilization
  • The Office team fixed default channel within the XML file problem that are not honored during installation.
  • The update solved ODT would not use the local source if the v32| files are not available.

Version 16.0.6831.5775

  • This version added support for Visio and Project Volume Licensing activation.

Version 16.0.6612.6353

  • DPT version fixed Office 365 clients (2013 apps) throws an error when upgrading to the 2016 apps.

Version 16.0.6508.6351

  • The update solved Office installation files were intermittently failing to download.

Version 16.0.6508.6350

  • Office team fixed source files held in the same folder forced a download of source files from the Office CDN. The issue occurred when the ODT was executed from were ignored.
  • The update added the ability to stop icons from being pinned to Windows 7, 8, 8.1 taskbar.

Version 16.0.6227.6350

  • This ODT Version solved SourcePath is required when downloading Office 2016 builds straight from the Office CDN

Version 16.0.6126.6351

  • The ODT version enables users to download, configure and install Office 2016 builds.
  • This update enabled Support for branches.

This all about Download Office Deployment Tool (ODT) for Office 365 ProPlus.

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