Download Prime Tube – The Best YouTube App for Windows 8 / 10

I have already discussed two YouTube apps for Windows 8 that are YouTube 8 and YouTube player. Although Google has not launched any authorized YouTube app for windows 8 still now.  Just, another app developer has presented new app for YouTube on the Windows store. The name of app is Prime Tube.

The Prime Tube app is compatible for every windows 8 supported devices like tablet or laptop. The windows 8 users, who are keen of YouTube videos, may explore, play or upload simply. While I have examined Prime Tube app, it’s main screen and interface is praiseworthy.

prime tube app for windows 8

Download Prime tube app from Windows Store

Features of Prime Tube app

  • Explore and view YouTube videos from search page or category with single tap.
  • Control subscriptions, add features like favorites, play-lists and view videos later through prime Tube app.
windows 8 prime tube app
  • Windows 8 fans watch videos in following format – Low Quality, High Quality and High Definition from built-in app Video player.
watch youtube videos in hd
  • Prime Tube app supports following view mode – Landscape, portrait, and broken style so that you can do with further tasks during view videos.
  • Easy to configure Keyboard shortcuts in the app to search most loved videos quickly.
  • Share current playing videos with social sites on single tapping.

prime tube app main screen

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