Download ‘Runescape’,a gaming extension from chrome web store

Online games are a rage today among the young gaming freaks. These games not only provide entertainment but allow a player to gauge his gaming talent against the best around the world. These days, the MMOs or the ‘Mass Multiplayer Online’ games are hugely popular and the one game that has effectively established itself in this genre is the ‘Runescape’. Now comes a chrome extension that allows you to be a part of the group of thousands of players all around the world and play this fantastic game online.

Falling under the role-playing and strategy genre this game developed by the ‘Jagex Game Studios’ is set in an imaginary world of various races and tribes who are constantly at war with each other. The characters of the game possess evil and sinister capabilities and power and they fight each other in landscapes and backgrounds which are utterly devastated and ravaged through constant wars and battles. You as a player can create a character of your own and plunge into this war of the races for the ascent to the ultimate power and authority. There are a lot of mythical creatures as dragons, unicorns, etc, too, in the game.

The user reviews for this game in the review section of the web store are fairly positive. The best part of this game is that it is easy to control and offers a lot of fighting activities you can do with your character. It is fast and never gets boring. Currently, this game holds the record of the most played MMO all over the world with over 180 million users. The game progresses through a lot of levels and on reaching level 20 you are offered 50 more characters to choose from. All in all, it is a good MMO to pass your time without getting bored and if you are new to the world of MMOs then you will love this extension.

Download Runescape Game Extension on Chrome

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  1. i am having a problem with the browser-the media button is disable all the time even when the video is playing.