Download and Use Paradise Birds Screensaver on Windows 10

Ways to Download, Use Paradise Birds Screensaver in Windows 10. – Are you bored looking at the same screen saver for a long time? Do you want to make your desktop lovely, bright, and vibrant? If yes, then Paradise Birds Screensaver is the perfect option to fulfill your need. See a guide in detail to learn How to Change and Configure Screen Saver on Windows 10.

Paradise Birds Screensaver is a one stop solution for all the nature lovers using Windows 10. This is equipped with beautiful screen savers on various themes like the beautiful sunset, the tropical forest and much more. Not only that you can also beautify your desktop with a very picturesque and bright sunset.

The Screensaver is completely free and has nature animations. It commonly happens that a bright and colorful image can glow up your day if you are feeling low.

So if you too are planning to download Paradise Birds Screensaver then continue to this article for further details.

Way to Download and Use Paradise Birds Screensaver on Windows 10

The 1st part of the guide will instruct you to download and install the screen saver and the later will to apply it using personalization Settings.

1st Part – Download and Install

Step 1 – You need to download the Paradise Birds Screensaver by clicking on Saversplanet.

Step 2 – Allow the download to complete and then follow the guidelines on the screen of the PC. Read the guidelines and click the appropriate options to finish the installation procedure.

These two simple steps will complete the process of downloading and installation of the Screen saver.

Set Paradise Birds Screensaver in Windows 10

Step 1 – Use the key combination of Win+I to reach to the Settings app. The alternative method is tapping on the Start button and selecting the Settings icon.

Step 2 – On the Settings page, choose the icon of Personalization.

Use Paradise Birds Screensaver on Windows 10 image 1

Step 3 –  On the left, under Personalization choose the third option Lock Screen. Now move on to the right pane, tap the bottom most link Screen Saver Settings.

Use Paradise Birds Screensaver on Windows 10 image 2

Step 4 – Now click on the drop down arrow under the Screen Saver. Here click on the option Paradise Birds Screensaver.

Step 5 – Click on the buttons Apply and OK in order to finish the process of implementation the screen saver.

Use Paradise Birds Screensaver on Windows 10 image 3

System Requirements for Paradise Birds Screensaver

Before downloading and installing the Screensaver kindly ensure that your device has the following – 256 Mb Video Memory, 35 Mb  HDD space and Windows 95/XP/Vista/7/8/10. If you meet these system requirements then download and install the Screen saver.

So, these simple ways help you to download and use Paradise Birds Screensaver on Windows 10. This is one that a nature lover will love to have on the PC. Hopefully, if you are a lover of vibrant colors then download and enjoy the lively screen savers.

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