Easy Steps to know Backlinks to your website through Analytics

If you have a web site of your own then the search rankings for your site and Google page rank must always be a cause of both interest and worry to you. The one thing that can affect your website ranking positively is the backlinks coming to your site. If someone refers your website in their blog and puts a link then that means a good rank for your web site as it tells about the popularity of your site. In order to find those sites that are linking back to you, you can use Google Analytics.

Easy Steps to know Backlinks to your website through Analytics

  1. Sign in your Google Analytics account and then open the Traffic Sources section which is placed under the Standard Reports. These options are in left side bar.
  2. You will find an option called the Social group under Traffic sources. Expand that and you will see Trackbacks. Expand that. Trackbacks are nothing but notifications which notify when a particular site links to your content.
  3. You will now see a detailed report which lists a number of other websites that have linked to your web pages. It also lists the number of visits that have happened due to these backlinks.

You have the choice to choose custom dates to know the trackbacks. It can be anything from yesterday to any other date.

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