Keep Body Fit without any Equipment with Bodeefit Windows 8 App

Bodeefit is a free App of Windows 8. This App is designed for those who want a good shaped body but don’t want to go to any gym. Everyone loves to be Healthy and Fit. However, as our life is so complex that we don’t have enough time to go here and there in search of a gym so that one could improve his body. In these conditions Bodeefit proves to be a very useful and helpful app to shape yourself the way you always dream to be.  This App consists of those exercises which can be done without any help of the equipment or machines.

The interface of this App is very attractive and wonderful. You will love the designs of different sections in this App. A screenshot of this App is shown below:

                                      Bodeefit windows 8

How to use this App

At first note that Bodeefit is a miniature version of the website bodeefit which is known for its various strategies on how to make your body in a very good shape. You can make your own account at this App so that you could keep an eye on various exercises you are currently doing. Using your account will also help you in updating You in what exercises you have done and what are still left behind to do. Again, this app provides you a set of 3 exercises each day to follow along with the time limitation and the number of rounds for each exercise. You can add all these things to your account too.

How to do various exercises using this App

Once you have installed this App on your windows machine, you will see the above shown picture on the main screen. It consists of the lists of workouts which you are going to do each day of the week along with its videos. Again, each of the routine for a day is attached with 3 videos giving you a time limit and the number of rounds which you have to complete. You have to complete each round of your exercise within time limit. Note that as this app is made to complete your routine at any place you wish to do, you must be a little enthusiastic if you are at home.

For a single day exercise, all you have to do is to select the routine of that day and start doing it and make sure to complete it within proper time limit and total number of rounds. If you have left your previous day exercise and want to do it, just click on the lists of workout of past days and there you are directed to those left exercises on the screen.

As the steps are mentioned very clearly along with its benefits, you could set your own lists of exercises if you want to improve certain parts of your body more than the rest. You can start any workout by clicking on Start Workout option on the main screen. You can stop, resume or reset any exercise at any time you wish to do so. When you are done with doing the exercise, you can submit your results at its official site in Post Workout section of your account. The Website will tell you the progress which you made after seeing your results.

Salient-Features of this App

  • Completely free and very simple to use.
  • No use of any equipment and heavy machines.
  • Workouts can be done at Open place in your home.
  • Good Collection of Video Tutorials on how to do it.
  • Step by Step directives on how to do different exercises.
  • Could fix your daily workout and have a look at them.
  • Navigation between the video guide and workout is very simple and easy.


Bodeefit is really a very nice Windows 8 Application. Its presentation of different exercises in a very soothing and beautiful way will make you love this app. Doing the exercise while listening to your personal set of songs is really awesome which is not possible at any gym or workout station. I personally believe that those who don’t go to any gym or want to make their body healthy and fit must try this app.

Downloading Link : Bodeefit

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