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The vastly popular PDF format was created by Adobe in the 1990th decade. According to Google there are now over 700 million PDF documents that are present on the web. There are several reasons for the popularity of PDF documents. Today PDF is used for exchanging presentations, CAD drawings, invoices, and legal forms. The causes are –

  1. PDF documents are smaller in size and also preserve the original formatting.
  2. PDF documents cannot be easily tampered with or altered. Unlike word documents or other formats, PDF can be printed from or copied.
  3. Free software as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Google chrome can read and make PDF without requiring extra plugins. Such software are easily available on the mobile or desktop.
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Editing Files without using Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is required to edit PDF documents. But if the nature of the edition that you intend to do is minor then you may not require Acrobat at all. Certain alternates are available that allow you to manipulate the PDF structure such as rearranging the pages or even merging many PDF files together. Listed below are some free online tools that can help you with basic editing of your PDF document:-

1.’ For Basic Editing

It is possible that you want to improve a bit in our PDF document. You may want to remove any personal contact as our mobile number from the document or even illustrate a particular point in the document through notes or free hand images. Editing of this type is available through the usage of which is absolutely free online service to Edit PDF and helps you to edit those PDF documents which are even protected by passwords. If you want to conceal a particular portion of your PDF document you can use the white out tool to do that or you can also illustrate your PDF documents using various accessories as sticky notes, custom arrows etc. allows you to link to any other PDF page or website through the inclusion of hyperlinks.

Note – Here, hiding does not alter the metadata of a PDF file. You are only pasting a white rectangle over the desired area which hides the information.

2. BecyPDFMetaEdit’ For Editing Metadata of a File

BecyPDFMetaEdit is a utility that helps you change the metadata attached with a file which means you can edit the title of the PDF, author’s name, creation information and keywords. This utility can also be used for deleting PDF passwords or even encrypting and protecting the PDF document with a password. The PDF metadata editor can be run using command line so you can carry the editing work on a number of PDF files together through the command-line interface.

Note – It is wise to attach the metadata of your PDF document with the document itself when you publish the document on the web. It helps better the organic ranking of your documents and it appears more prominently on the web search results.

3. Editing PDF Files with Stanza and NitroPDF

In order to edit any PDF document according to our wish we usually copy the PDF content on a word document. We then edit the document accordingly and convert it back to PDF format using a PDF writer.  In order to be more accurate while copying the contents of the PDF to word document it is advisable to use a utility as the desktop version of Stanza which helps in specific copying. It is possible that the document contains images, charts or a different kind of formatting that is difficult to copy in a Word document. In such a case we can use the online converter tool from BCL research or the NitroPDF.BCL Research  provides an immediate converted document and NitroPDF may take up to a day to yield perfect results.

4. Advance PDF Editig (Inc.  images, text) with PDF XChange

There’s another set of PDF editing tools that are free and can help you do some more advanced editing as replacing images, adding signatures, or even removing blocks of texts without breaking the flow of the text. There is PDF XChange which is a free PDF viewer and an editor allowing you to type text directly on any PDF page. PDF Xchange also supports image stamps thus allowing you to sign PDF files.

5. Using Iinkscape, OpenOffice Draw

Inkscape is a free vector drawing utility capable of importing and exporting PDF content. With Inkscape you can select any object on a PDF page (including text, graphics etc) and then move them to a different location. You can also delete them. Annotating PDF files with Inkscape is also possible.

OpenOffice Draw is another advanced PDF editing tool that specifically supports inline editing. So using this you can change the font color, font size, or the type of the font.

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