Enable Galaxy S4 to Easy Mode for the beginner

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with several handy features and options. If you have purchased the new Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone then you need to make it user-friendly. The Easy Mode feature is already present on the Galaxy S3 version. But, Samsung has simplified it, especially with new styles for Galaxy S4. The Easy Mode feature has been prepared for the S4 beginners who really want to simplify it. For example – Perhaps your Mom, Dad, or grandparents would like the Galaxy S4 but they don’t know to operate all the S4 functions simply.

The Galaxy S4 to Easy Mode feature offers three types of home screen to use in the Galaxy S4.

  • The main home screen displays non removable widgets like time, date, and weather. It adds only six apps on the screen with the purpose to work.
  • The left home screen is used to make a new call. You can choose up to 9 phone contacts to set as favorite contacts. You can launch the phone app which contains the keypad, call logs, and contacts.
  • The right home screen includes 9 apps. You can customize these as your requirement. You get also an app drawer view. It explains all apps in alphabetical order. The settings menu of the camera app also shortens with few options.

How to Enable Galaxy S4 to Easy Mode

  • Swipe down the notification area on the home screen and select the gear icon to bring the settings screen.
  • Then tap on the “My device” tab at the top side of the screen and select Home screen mode in the shown dropdown list.
  • Then you will notice two options at the top side. Standard Mode and Easy Mode.
  • Now tap on Easy Mode option and again tap on Apply at the bottom.
  • You will get a pop-up on the screen and tap on OK option.

Thus, this way you can enable Galaxy S4 to Easy Mode. In fact, it is a pretty simple process to return to the standard mode. To do it, follow all the above steps and tap on Standard Mode option.

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