How to Use S Translator and Optical Reader on Galaxy S4

The Samsung has revealed two new features in the latest version of Galaxy S4 smartphone. These features are called S Translator and Optical Reader.

What is S Translator ?

While you get a new email or SMS in other foreign characters, it is not simple to be read by you. To provide language translation solution to read any foreign character or language, Samsung has introduced an integrated S Translator feature on the Galaxy S4 device. It is really a smaller version of Google Translate service. It lets you to translate language in text or in the spoken words in your Galaxy S4.  It translates about 9 different languages to English in few seconds. The S Translator supports many foreign languages as Brazilian Portuguese, English (UK), English (US), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Spanish.

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s translate feature in galaxy s4

The S Translator will help you in the conditions:

  • If you are living in a foreign country then you need to know correct directions for crossing streets and anyone does not understand your language. In this situation, S Translate works as voice input of Google Translate service.
  • To use voice input feature of S translate, you have to hold the device up to your mouth, talk and then play the translation for other foreign person.

What is Optical Reader ?

The optical reader feature of Samsung Galaxy S4 also provides as translator function. It scans the written text on documents or QR (also called quick Response) codes to create a new contact based information.

At last, I recommend you to play the below given videos to understand how above both features work on your galaxy S4 device.

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