Fasten Web Surfing Speed using 4G Speed Up Internet Browser

4G is a free app of Android used to speed up the internet connectivity of your Android phones. it is a great application and it makes your phone really fast. This app basically is a mobile browser. It is a Keeping up with a time company. It supports almost all the Android devices. The aim of this browser is to achieve a very fast and very effective internet surfing speed in a very few seconds. It is a super fast mobile internet browser which has a large number of users across different countries and regions.

You could easily find this browser anywhere as this is available on almost all major operating platforms. the interface of this app is very simple but attractive. You can see it in a screenshot shown below:

4G speed up internet browser

How to use this Mobile browser

The aim of this app is to speed up the internet connection of your mobile so that you could do various activities in a short span of time. You could perform some of the activities a little faster than others using this app. Those activities are shown below:

  • Searching something on the web.
  • Communication and Online Chat on Social Media Sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc.            
  • Checking of Weather Forecast.
  • Blogs and NEWS readings.
  • Videos Watching, downloading.
  • Exploring some of the new events around the world related to entertainment and education.                    

This new Mobile Browser gives you a special feature of Night Mood Facebook. It is specially designed for those who love chatting with others at the night time with lights off. It has a special night mode which saves your eyes from irritation caused due to the tube lights on. It helps you a lot specially in nights without any annoying and frustration. This Browser is totally made for its users and to meet their requirements.

Key Features of this App

  1. Completely free App.
  2. Self Explanatory Interface and is very simple to use.
  3. Fasten your internet connection to a very large extent.
  4. There is a special Night Mood for Facebook.
  5. Checking of weather forecast in a few seconds.


If you are bored of the slow speed of the 3G connection in your Android devices, you can simply use this new mobile browser to speed up the internet connection in your mobile so that you could surf, download and upload very easily and effectively. It provides you a better and faster internet connection. You can have the access to this Mobile browser from the link provided below:

Get 4G Speed Up Internet Browser

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