File sharing Options between Desktop and Mobile Phones

The amount of digital data that most of us possess is large. From files, documents, ebooks to videos, music etc, it is all present in our desktop, tablets, mobile phones and other digital devices. The desktop or the laptop is certainly an important part of the digital devices that we possess. But it is to be also kept in mind that only mobile phones are the devices that we carry around with us almost all time. So wouldn’t it be a nice idea if you knew how to easily transfer data from your desktop onto your phone so that your dependence on the desktop lessens. This article discusses some file sharing options across devices without actually having the need to connect them.


Sending and receiving an email is the easiest thing that we can do on the internet. And we can employ this method to share our files with our desktop to our smartphone. Just send a file to yourself from the desktop and then open and save it on your smartphone when you access your mail id.

File storage services

Many file storage services as Google Drive, Skydrive as well as Dropbox are present on the internet which help you to share your data on other devices using the cloud facility.

Web based apps

Cloud requires special software to share files. But there are other options as web based apps that do the work without any special installations. ‘’ is such an app where you can upload your files from the browser and then download them wherever you want. JustBeamIt is another good option as it provides the safety of direct share from source to destination with the data not visiting any third party server.

Google Keep

Google Keep is another app that allows you to type and store text and then access it on any device that you want.It is web based but also has an Android version. Hopper and MoPad are other alternatives that you can use.

Android app

For Android users, Airdroid is a good option for file share. Using Airdroid you can wirelessly share files from the desktop to your computer using a single Wi-Fi network, of which your desktop and mobile are a part of. Superbeam is also an alternative for Android users.You need to select files on your file manager and then choose Superbeam from sharing menu. A QR code is displayed that is to be scanned with Superbeam on another device and then the file share takes place.

Apple users

Though Apple does not have any access to iOS documents you can still share media gallery files. There is a certain documents app that allows users to share files, music, photos from their desktop to the iPad or iPhone using the Wi-Fi network. You can have the Documents app put as the network drive on your computer and move files by dragging and dropping across iOS devices. Bluetooth sharing isn’t supported by iOS devices. In such a case, you can use the utility ‘Dropbox’ to share photos or videos from iPad to iPhone.

Certain apps as Bump, Hoccer allow you file exchange between iOS and Android devices. For Bump, you need to tap the spacebar of your computer to have the file available on the computer browser. Hoccer works in an amazing way as you need to keep both phones together and then just drag files from one phone to the other.

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