How to Use and Remove Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7

Currently, the recent version Internet Explorer 11 is present in windows 8.1 preview. Now Windows 7 users can also grab it free. The top feature of Internet Explorer 11 lets you boost overall performance improvements with support of a fresh JavaScript engine. It also supports 3D hardware accelerated web graphics and processional worth video skills. Internet Explorer 11 has added few new cool features like native decoding of JPG photos by the GPU immediately on your video card and support for HTML5 pre-fetching and rendering of web links. As Microsoft official Internet Explorer blog says, IE 11 boost CPU performance for better and decreases load time to access the site.

Tips to use Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 7

  • At first, visit below download link and install it to your windows 7 laptop or desktop. After installing it, you need to reboot of PC once.
restart ie 11
  • Now you will get an introduction page that will explain newly added features within the browser.
  • Your latest Internet Explorer 11 preview version will take excess time in order to start first time after installing because you will get bugs with some tedious experiences. In this situation, select Options (gear icon) at the top right corner and then select About Internet Explorer. Actually this process will help to confirm you are running only the preview version of Internet Explorer 11.
internet explorer 11 home screen

Download Internet 11 for Windows 7

Tips to remove Internet Explorer 11  from Windows 7


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