More Features to Keep Data Secure On Windows 8.1

Today the security issue is very important. Windows 8.1 gives an expanded facility to secure your data in the modern environment. As in these days news related to the security issue is coming a lot and in this condition, nobody will take risk about his data. For Solution, Microsoft has provided the advanced security technology and added more features to keep data secure in its new version of Windows Operating System i.e. Windows 8.1.

In the Windows 8.1, various security stages and process are included. It has biometrics security,

  1. Reliable Hardware: In the Windows 8.1 Microsoft will use very reliable and quality hardware which is necessary for good service and work. This hardware has the potential that it can secure the data. Hardware will be very compatible with more devices and functions and keep data secure. It has the new Trusted Platform Module which is a hardware security device; it gives a large number of crypto functions with securely storing keys and performing cryptographic measurement. It will prove a useful device for business purpose.
  2. New Access Control System: This new access control system is aimed at controlling function on the device. It allows that no one can access the device physically without having right authority. In this way, the Windows 8.1 has biometrics security system which is accessible only by right person. It is better for those who have a problem in creating and keeping remember the password. The fingerprint security system is included in it, and this is more effective than that of earlier. In Windows 8.1 Microsoft has included a support system for enrollment and management by Win RT, APIs. It creates the more security and control over the activity on the internet and easily gets work done. Windows 8.1 has the expanded security with a service that scans the top two million SSL/TLS sites daily to aware the bad element and informs the partner to resolve it. In this Windows 8.1, in case of getting malware on the device, it can’t go further for accessing the system because it needs private certificate and keys and without this access will be denied.
  3. Secure All Secret Data: All the devices which support InstanGo have the facility of device encryption with every version of Windows. The device encryption is automatically enabled and the function will be pervasive. In the Windows 8.1, the new Remote Data Removal will be introduced, it allows the facility of deleting or erasing the corporate data as email, attachments, and others.
  4. Protection For Malware: In new Windows 8.1 the security system is more effective and more technical that has more capability to protect the malware. In Windows 8.1 new Windows defender with high performance that monitor the windows and defend from bad behaviors in memory, the registry, and file system before creating the signatures. In the Internet Explorer, the data was accessible by unwanted malicious websites but now in Windows 8.1, the Internet Explorer comes with anti-malware support. It has an API which activates the anti-malware to secure the data. Including this, the Internet Explorer has Enhanced Protection Mode for safer browsing.


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